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Doughnut Plant

During my short trip to NYC, one of my top “must visits” was Doughnut Plant. It did not disappoint. In fact, we loved it so much that we went twice during our three day stay.

I first learned about Doughnut Plant when it was featured on an episode of “Throwdown With Bobby Flay” a few years ago.

While I was already prepared to be impressed with their doughnuts, I immediately fell in love with the interior, which didn’t quite fit the no-nonsense New York attitude. Walls were adorned with doughnut pillows, benches lined with colorful doughnut rings, and even the stools were doughnut shaped.

Doughnut Plant offers a variety of yeast donuts, cake donuts, filled square doughnuts, and doughseeds.

From top right to left: carrot cake, tres leches cake, vanilla bean yeast, valrhona chocolate yeast, hazelnut chocolate doughseed, peanut butter & jam filled square, pb and banana cream filled square

blueberry cake, vanilla bean yeast, coconut cream filled square, key lime and coconut yeast

There are so many characteristics of the doughnuts served here that make them stand out. First, the filled square doughnuts.

peanut butter and jam

I normally don’t like filled doughnuts. I find them to be overly sweet. But I loved, loved the filled doughnuts here. For the square doughnuts, it’s a yeast doughnut with filling that is evenly distributed around the square. It’s cleaner to eat and not as overwhelmingly sweet. It reminded me of eating a sandwich, especially after eating the peanut butter and jam one.

coconut cream

Another thing that makes their doughnuts stand out is the texture of the yeast ones. They have a chewiness to them that I’ve never experienced with any other yeast doughnut. It took a little time to get used to, but I really enjoyed it.

They also offer a variety of cake filled doughnuts. My absolute favorite was the tres leches.

The cake texture practically melted in my mouth and it had some filling in each bite.

We also tried the carrot cake, which was pretty good too, with a little bit of cream cheese filling in every bite.

The doughseeds are small round filled doughnuts. The creme brûlée was a standout for us.

I only wish doughnuts could be easily preserved, otherwise I would have bought a few dozen to bring home. There are two locations in NYC, as well as locations in Japan and Korea. Looking at these photos again really make me miss this place.

Doughnut Plant
220 West 23rd Street
New York, NY


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24 comments on “Doughnut Plant”

  1. I LOVE cold foods: cold cake, cold chicken(for breakfast sometimes even), and cold donuts. I guess i’ll have to get to NY and see myself. Thanks.

    • It’s not just that it’s cold. It just doesn’t taste as fresh. The dough isn’t as fluffy, etc. Sort of like how bread goes stale.

  2. o m g i want to eat this mouth is watering.
    ‘tres leches’ means 3 is the tres leches donut made of or dippedin 3 milks ? if 1 donut is $3, is there a deal on a dozen ?

    _I only wish doughnuts could be easily preserved, otherwise I would have bought a few dozen to bring home. _
    why couldnt you carry them in your carry on? do they have to be kept refridgerated or something ? these donuts cant be frozen and thawed and eaten later ?thanks.

    • I don’t know where the three milks come in play, if it’s in the donut or in the glaze or a combination. And I don’t think there is any deal on buying a dozen.
      The donuts don’t taste as good later on, even if you freeze them. It’s why they won’t ship them either. They really are best eaten that day.

  3. Very cool! I missed out on visiting last time I was in NYC but love your roundup. What was the general cost of their pastries? Did you think it matched up to the cost of everything?

    • It was $3 for the regular doughnuts. I can’t remember the cost for the doughseed. Given that is about the price Donut Bar and Sidecar charge, I thought it was worth it. The doughnuts were better and bigger.

  4. Wow, that is an amazing donut place! The variety they have is awesome. I like the donut themed decor as well! i don’t remember watching that Throwdown episode. I kind of don’t like Bobby Flay, maybe that’s why, haha, but now I’m curious to check it out on youtube so I can see more of this the Doughnut Plant!

    • oh if you dont like bobby flay you should def watch the episode. Lol. It’s an old one. The owner was not pleased with Bobby Flay at all.

  5. I used to walk past this place every day on the way to and from work and NEVER actually went inside! Now I don’t work there anymore (drat) but I’m going to have to make this its own trip, clearly. Looks absolutely fantastic (like the tres leches — oh my God). So glad you did this review or else I don’t think I would have known. Thank you so much! (And, I don’t remember if I commented on your other posts, but I LOVE your blog. All the delicious-looking Chinese recipes remind me that it’s been too long since I’ve cooked my own!)

    • Ooh, yes definitely get the tres leches. That was my favorite, though I liked so many others too. They have another location in NYC, maybe the other one is closer to you? I hope you like this place as much as I do!

  6. They have a few locations in Tokyo, which was where my husband and I gained our addiction. The Vahlrona chocolate doughnut is my favorite. It needs to mate with Cafe Dulce’s (from LA) Bacon doughnut and reproduce. Seriously.

    • I saw that they have locations in Japan. Seems odd that they are expanding in Asia and not in the US. I want to go to Japan next year, so maybe I can test them again that way

  7. Omigosh! You’re killing me! I drool over everything you post from San Diego, now NYC! I’m closer to this….road trip!

  8. I hope you made it to Dough in Brooklyn! I think they’re even better than Doughnut Plant.

    • Aw, I should have consulted you first. I didn’t get a chance to make it over to Brooklyn. There were so many places there I did want to try too, like bagel shops and pizza. Oh well. Another trip!

  9. Yum!Yum !Yum!The photos make me hungry.

  10. i had the creme brulee and blueberry when i went to NY last year. omg creme brulee is so bomb. probably the best donut i’ve had. it’s between that and maple bacon donut at voodoo (some places just don’t have good maple glazes). i wish i got more while i was there… 🙁

  11. I’m pretty sure this is what heaven looks like =o) YUM!

  12. I think those were honestly THE most beautiful doughnuts I’ve ever seen! I remember that Throwdown w/ Bobby Flay – it was a LONG time ago right? And wasn’t the guy owner kinda a bad sport about it in the beginning of the Throwdown? I don’t remember though. But wow – your pics of the doughnuts are amazing

    • Yup, it was a while ago! I do remember the owner being a bit disgusted with Bobby Flay and his sudden need for a throwdown. The guys that were working there on our visit looked similarly intimidating, but they were super nice and patient.