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When we were went through airport security on our way home from New York City, our carry-on bags were searched. The security guard was extremely suspicious of the multiple bags of dry pasta I had in my suitcase and didn’t believe that it really was just innocent pasta. I tried to explain to him that it was pasta from Eataly, which was why I was bringing bags of it home to San Diego.

Eataly is a high-end Italian food market. It’s stocked with gourmet products like truffle, foie gras, fresh made pastas, and more. There are also multiple restaurants to dine at. This was my main source for souvenir presents which is why my luggage was stocked with Eataly products.

We didn’t have enough time to dine here, unfortunately. But we did have a chance to walk around after the epic meal at EMP.

It’s definitely a fun place to visit in NYC and we definitely want to go back. Hopefully next time I can dine on some food there too.

200 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10010

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6 comments on “Eataly”

  1. Pasta smuggler! ???? When I came back from Germany on my first trip, I had a suitcase filled with chocolates & cookies. The security person asked “Don’t they sell this in America?”

    • haha, yeah the guy was basically like “why do you need to bring pasta back to San Diego; they sell pasta there.” And I told him “this pasta is from Eataly! It’s not the same. We don’t have stuff like this in SD. You don’t realize lucky you guys are.”

  2. We went to one in Tokyo (Daikanyama), and it was very nice. Smallish, but nice. There are many places in Tokyo to get fine Italian foods, both prepared and ingredients, but this one definitely had the best selection. I really, really wish they’d put one in LA. But, sadly, it looks like I’ll just have to wait until next time I’m in NYC to go. :/

    • I’d love it if they had one in LA! I totally wanted some of the fresh pasta except we were staying in a hotel so it’s not like I could cook it.

  3. Haha your airport security story reminds me of when I was bringing back my family’s homemade pickled peppers from China. They were soo suspicious. In the end I had to squeeze a tear out of my eye and tell them that this came all the way from my family’s land… 😛 I’ve heard so much about Eataly and would love to go there. Gosh NYC is awesome.

    • I’m glad they let it through! Yeah every time I bring food, I almost always get stopped. I don’t know what it is. When we came back from Europe we had a small bag full of chip flavors not available in the US and the security guard burst out laughing when he opened up to inspect.

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