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Eclipse Chocolat

Eclipse Chocolat has been on my to-do list for quite a long time, but my last few attempts to visit always failed. Finally, on our last attempt we were able to eat there.

Eclipse is known for their unique chocolate bars and desserts.

The menu has changed since our previous attempts to visit. They used to offer a seasonal dessert plate, but they no longer do.

We decided to try a brownie sundae. We had a choice of three sauces to choose from and it was topped with a scoop of vanilla gelato.

When we got our sundae, the ice cream arrived quite melted. When we dug in, we realized that the gelato was entirely full of ice chunks. It really wasn’t ice cream at all. It was more like chunks of ice with some vanilla flavor. I was pretty disappointed since we paid for a sundae and we got such poor quality of ice cream.

The brownie itself was good though. Moist, rich, chocolatey.

We also got a bread pudding, also with ice cream. This ice cream was in the same state as the last. Given the extra $1 we paid, I was a little annoyed.

My friend also got a cheesecake, which was more like a cupcake, covered in chocolate and baked in a large cupcake wrapper. He thought it was too sweet.

He also got some sort of meringue dessert, which we all thought was too sweet.

Before we left, we bought a few chocolate bars. They have all sorts of unique flavors like sea salt lavendar, mango masala, blueberry cocoa nib, etc. I enjoyed the chocolates a lot more than the desserts.

I left pretty disappointed with the desserts. But I still want to come back to try their Sunday brunch.

Eclipse Chocolat
2121 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 578-2984
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5 comments on “Eclipse Chocolat”

  1. I believe Eclipse also does monthly dinners where they do a several course tasting menu and each dish includes chocolate. Some friends went to one and said it was quite good.

  2. I haven’t had their other desserts, only the cupcakes, chocolates and the brunch. Too bad about the ice cream! The cupcakes are very rich, so I usually only eat half and save the rest for later. I also like their teas and hot chocolates – the hot chocolates have a good balance of flavor and aren’t super sweet.

  3. I really like their chocolate bars. My husband’s favorite is the sea salt caramel. I like the one with the moroccan spices (but it’s not my fave). their cupcakes are a bit too rich but they do make interesting flavor combinations. i’ve been to their brunch a few times and liked it but the desserts weren’t that spectacular. i miss their seasonal dessert plate which is no longer offered. hopefully you and your FH can try the brunch in the near future.

    • I liked the chocolate bars too. I forgot which one I liked best; we bought six last time. I really want to try the brunch. Hopefully soon!

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