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photo of the Eggslut location

Eggslut is a very popular, egg-focused breakfast and lunch place, located in Grand Central Market (Los Angeles). It’s been high on my to-try list after reading about all the hype and seeing their breakfast sandwiches fill my Instagram, Facebook and other social media feeds.
photo of the bar seating area at Eggslut
I was warned the line would be long, and it was. You can spot Eggslut as soon as you enter, but finding the end of the line is another story. We took a video to give you an idea of how crazy this line is.

That being said, it actually moved faster than I would have guessed. I think we waited about 40 minutes and after we placed our order, we got our food in about 10 minutes.
photo of a sign
The menu is fairly limited, with less than a dozen items to choose from.

Bacon, Egg, Cheese
photo of a Bacon, Egg, Cheese sandwich
We started with their most popular breakfast sandwich. Thick slices of bacon, medium egg, cheddar cheese, on a brioche bun. This was a good, solid breakfast sandwich. I didn’t quite think it was worth the line, but it was enjoyable.
close-up photo of Bacon, Egg, Cheese sandwich

photo of a Fairfax sandwich
We also chose this sandwich, which consisted of a bed of soft scrambled eggs and chives, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, sriracha mayo, served on a warm brioche bun. I actually preferred this sandwich over the Bacon Egg Cheese one because of the pillowy soft scramble. They really do know how to cook their eggs here.
close-up photo of a Fairfax sandwich

photo of the slut dish which is coddled eggs in a little jar
Of course, we had to try their signature dish: coddled eggs over pureed potatoes, served in a cute glass jar with a demi baguette.

It’s a delicious concept and they are the first place I’ve seen this idea at.
photo of the sous vide machine cooking coddled eggs
But a few months ago, I learned how to make a similar version of this dish and it’s actually quite easy (check out mine here). I actually prefer the version I make, as I do a garlic pureed potatoes and add either pesto or chive puree on top.
photo of the food hall
Overall, while we really enjoyed the food here, I wouldn’t want to wait in that line again. I do appreciate the food they are making and the slut is such a fun and tasty concept. But, the two things I enjoyed the most (slut and soft scramble), I can recreate pretty easily in my own kitchen, making it hard to justify wanting to wait in that long line again. It was still nice to try at least once though.

photo of the menu

317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013

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  1. Holy cow! That’s a long line, for something that doesn’t have chocolate in it! Haha! 

  2. Did they not have the Brulee’d Egg?

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