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Elliston Vineyards Wedding Food

Boyfriend and I attended a wedding recently of one of my close friends, who got married at Elliston Vineyards in Sunol, California.  This is the first wedding event I've attended since starting this food blog and so I made sure to take a few pictures of the food served at the wedding.

After being witness to a beautiful ceremony, the guests were treated to h'orderves and wine.  Here are some of the h'orderves that were passed out:

This was a cracker of some sort, with cheese and figs.  The cracker was a bit chewy, rather than crispy.  I don't remember much of this item, as I only sampled one. 

A dried apricot, topped with cream cheese and a cashew.  It was a tasty combination,, and it looked so beautiful and simple. 

Spinach dip served on bread. 

Dinner was served buffet style. And it was a pretty grand buffet display.  I only got a little of everything, but my plate was piled pretty high.  Unfortunately, the lighting had gotten pretty dim by the time the dinner portion of the meal came, so I had difficulty taking clear pictures.

There were some salads, stuffed eggplant, stuffed peppers, olive bread, stuffed chicken with purple rice, couscous, potatoes, and steak. 

After the cake, they served coffee.  On top of milk and sugar, there was also whipped heavy cream, which I heaped onto my coffee.  It made my drink look like hot chocolate.  It looked good and tasted quite creamy and sweet.

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2 comments on “Elliston Vineyards Wedding Food”

  1. Wish I could have been there ! It all looks so tasty !

  2. *drooling*
    Wow! This foods are really yummy.

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