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Funny Food Fotos: Fancy Wall Lights

Hi everyone.  Kirbie's Boyfriend here, with another edition of Funny Food Fotos.

If you haven't heard, Kirbie loved this place called Papa Walk with the Snow Flake Shaved Ice. I have to admit it was delicious, it was actually better than "REAL" snow. Its also probably cause it was jam packed with condensed milk and carbs. White food equals carbs, right? no? well… ice is white with a little yellowish tint… This is where the phrase "Don't eat yellow snow" can be ignored, maybe it should be rephrased… "Don't eat yellow snow that smells like urine." It doesn't quite roll off the tongue, but you get the idea.

Other than the Asian Celebrity signatures of when they visited there were other oddities across the entire place. From the rooster, maybe it was like something about "early bird special" or something?

To the silly character on the door.

I'm not sure what the following signs were put up for in relation to something interpreted differently in Asian cultures like the kids wearing the Playboy logo because it is a sign of celebrity rather than the actual connotation of Female Nudity and Sexuality. How else can this one be read? Does this mean no slavery or no S&M allowed you can be the judge.

This next one is a little bit more straight forward, "Peeping over this way."

Finally this last image isn't as crazy as the ones above, but it is probably more relevant to the store. Forgive the not so great image quality as I was only using the phone camera rather than an actual camera, its all about the James Bond quick photo snapping. If you can't make it out clearly, this is a bowl of their Snow Flake Shaved Ice. I can't agree with the statement of this thing quenching my thirst as it is nothing like water, but I'm pretty sure that it if you're eating something spicy this can definitely cool it down for you.

I hope you guys enjoyed this adventure.

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13 comments on “Funny Food Fotos: Fancy Wall Lights”

  1. I don’t see the relation btw the rooster and early bird special? errrr…..
    But they are all funny!

  2. I like how the rooster’s scotch taped to the wall. ;D

  3. I believe the rooster = early bird since they wake you up?
    The bathroom signs are hilarious.

  4. man, those are funny signs (no s & m and peeping this way)!!!!

  5. Those are some weird signs! And looks like someone was thirsty and tried to break the glass? Either that or someone tried to take a bite out of the ice.

  6. ROFL!!! These signs are hilarious!

  7. Roosters symbolize a morning wake up call at the crack of dawn, but I’m not sure if that is the same translation in Asian cultures.
    Most of the images were pretty funny and thanks for the comment Tigerfish!

  8. I found it odd and quite humorous. I almost missed it and thought it was some wierd stain on the window. Good thing I took a second look.
    Thanks for the comment Rosa!

  9. Thats definitely what I was guessing Cliff.
    If only those really were bathroom signs…

  10. I enjoyed the signs so much I had to share them. I’m glad you found them as entertaining as I did!
    Thanks for the comment caninecologne!

  11. Eccentric and very funny signs. I think its the crummy quality of the phone camera that makes it appear broken…
    The Snow Flake Shaved ICE is definitely something worthy of breaking glass for though.
    Thanks for the comment Carol!

  12. I’m happy you enjoyed the signs!
    Thanks for the feedback Ellie!

  13. What’s scary is how the rooster looked from the outside of the window. Taped up and all red, it looked a bit bloody!

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