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Ferrarelle Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water

A few weeks ago, I was provided with two bottles of Farrarelle’s Naturally Sparkling Mineral water to sample and review.

What really intrigued me right from the start is that this mineral water is a naturally effervescent water.  I’m not a huge fan of sparkling water normally. I find the carbonation distracting.  So I was curious as to whether I would enjoy a naturally sparkling water more.

After taking some sips, I could definitely taste the difference. While the water is effervescent, the bubbles are softer, allowing me to taste the mineral water more without being turned off by the harsh texture of artificially carbonated mineral waters I’ve tried in the past.

Some interesting tidbits I gathered from the website: Ferrarelle mineral water comes from a spring located near the extinct Roccamonfina volcano in the Campania region. Ferrarelle mineral water is tested 615 times per day. Some of the natural minerals contained in the water include calcium, bicarbonate, silica, and potassium.

I definitely enjoyed this sparkling water more than the artificially carbonated ones I’ve previously tried. The healthy minerals is a nice bonus too. While I wouldn’t drink this on a normal basis, it does seem like a good water for special occasions like nice dinners or holiday parties. I thought the water paired particularly well with some really sweet chocolate brownies I was eating. It quenched my thirst after just a few sips.

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