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Fluff Ice

What is Fluff Ice? Well there’s the description stated by the store. But I personally would describe it as Taiwanese snowflake shaved ice meets frozen yogurt shops.

I am obsessed with Taiwanese snowflake shaved ice. Unlike traditional shaved ice, snowflake ice is made with water and condensed milk frozen into ice blocks, which is then shaved through a special machine. The fine texture of the ice is creamy and soft, and more like ice cream than like ice. The frozen condensed milk ice melts a lot slower than just plain shaved ice so that you can enjoy it longer.

While I have yet to see snow shaved ice come to San Diego, it has gotten quite popular in LA and I’ve seen it popping up on various Taiwanese restaurant and tea shop menus. There are now quite a few locations in the Monterey Park area. Recently, I’ve also noticed a trend to bring the shaved ice into a fro-yo shop setting. So instead of just a few flavors of ice and traditional shaved ice toppings, you have a ton of different shaved ice flavors and traditional frozen yogurt toppings.

Fluff Ice is one of these snow ice frozen yogurt shop fusions. They tweeted me awhile back to come check them out, so on my last trip to Monterey Park, I went.

Fluff Ice is located in the newly built Atlantic Times Square. The plaza looks very nice, and it still somewhat empty. I can see this plaza becoming quite popular when its fully occupied. Giant big screens grace the exterior. There’s also a movie theater, and quite a few snack and drink shops occupying the plaza.

I love the adorable cloud mascot the store chose. Once inside, there are simple instructions at the register explaining how it works. You choose a cup size, flavors, and then toppings. I didn’t take a picture of the instructions/menu, but you can read them here.

FH and I each chose a small ($4.25). I was able to get two different flavors of ice within the small.  One thing that bothered me was the extra charge for “premium” toppings. I don’t think mochi or boba warrant an extra charge and I wasn’t willing to pay it.

I do like that they add additional condensed milk for free. I’ve been to several shaved ice places that charge for condensed milk which I find ridiculous because condensed milk is almost always eaten with shaved ice.

FH chose the original Fluff ice, and he chose mango and mango pudding as his two toppings.

The size was perfect for one person and a bit cheaper than other snow shaved ice places we’ve been too.

I was pleasantly surprised by the texture. It was very soft and creamy, just how I like my snow ice. Other than Class 302 and Pa Pa Walk, I’ve been disappointed by other snow ice places. The ice sometimes isn’t soft enough, or not sweet enough, etc. But this was really good.

I chose Thai tea and taro as my two ice flavors, and taro pudding and lychee jelly as my toppings.
I loved the pretty colors. Both ices tasted good, like Thai tea and taro milk tea. I actually preferred the original but I usually prefer the original. On the other hand, FH preferred the Thai tea and taro.

We both really enjoyed our ice and the service was really nice too. FH loved this place so much he actually wanted to go back again after our dinner.  I like the ice here, the prices, and the lack of lines (Class 302 is always so packed and they run out of ingredients because they are so popular). We’ll definitely be coming back here for more.

Fluff Ice
500 N Atlantic Blvd Suite 153
Monterey Park CA 91754


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24 comments on “Fluff Ice”

  1. There is a place in Torrance/Lomita Area of LA that has SnowFlake for $6 (enough for two people). If you’re in the LA area, but not in San Gabriel, try it out! I like the matcha flavored one. They have chocolate and peanut too.

    Thanks for sharing the other places to get snowflake!

  2. Lychee jelly?!? I totally have that as a topping.

    • I adore lychee jelly. When they have it as a topping at shaved ice or fro-yo places it’s really more like I’m just there for the topping.

  3. OMG, your website and all the Taiwanese stuff is making me home sick!:) If they have peanut butter flavor you should try it, it’s pretty popular in Taiwan.

    • Oh really? I didn’t know that. I didn’t see peanut butter when I was in Taiwan, but I saw almond tofu flavored which I loved!

  4. I don’t know that it could top froyo for me, but I’m making a point to try it as soon as I get back.

    What was tan colored topping on your second to last picture?

  5. Hey, this is right around the corner from me! Looking forward to trying this delightful treat 🙂

  6. I’ve never heard of this before, thanks for introducing me to it. I’ll definitely be looking for a place like that opening in San Diego!

  7. I went to one of these shaved ice places in Santa Monica. I had a taro and black sesame shaved ice with the condensed milk. The texture is so different, but very light. It was very delicious. They need one in SD. Unfortunately its a more labor intensive preparation…

    • I want to open one in SD. I’m so impatient that they haven’t opened one. Black sesame, I haven’t had that before

  8. YUM! Looks awesome. I hope they have of these shops near me soon!

  9. This looks so goooood! I love all the asian-flavors. Any idea what fluff ice is made out of?

    • Yes, it’s condensed milk and water that is frozen into blocks of ice. The flavored ones also have the flavoring powder added to the water and condensed milk and then frozen.

  10. yay, a new place to check out when we go up in that area…i really like the texture of the ice with condensed milk. it’s not like anything i’ve ever had before.

    • I love it too. I really wish someone would open one in San Diego. I’m half tempted to find a machine and make it myself. I have no idea how to get a machine though.

  11. Oh that sounds very interesting. I will definitely have to see if there’s a place in norcal that has it.

  12. Yum this looks so good! I feel like from the looks of it it might be similar to Snodream in the mall by me, I love it

    • Ooh! Yes, that is exactly the type of ice I’m describing. I can tell by the picture of the layers. Ah you have one by you, so nice. I keep having to drive 2 hours. Boo.