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Fun sorbets

This weekend I bought some fun sorbets at my local Costco.  The sorbets are served in real fruit bowls, making them pretty fun snacks.

One box comes with 5 flavors: pineapple, orange-mango, lemon, coconut and pina colada.  The pineapple is served in a pineapple shell.  The orange-mango is served in a orange shell.  The lemon is served in a lemon shell.  The coconut is served in a coconut shell.  And the pina colada is served in a pineapple shell.

The sorbets are all pretty tasty and super creamy.  They are also low in sugar and fat as well. Yum! My favorite is the coconut. If you enjoy sorbets, you should check out your local Costco for these.

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2 comments on “Fun sorbets”

  1. They are very addicting! And a lot healthier than ice cream.

  2. omg the best ice cream ever !!