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Hi Everyone! Boyfriend here. It’s been a while since I’ve done a Funny Food Fotos Friday section. Both Kirbie and I have been super busy this week, so while we’ve been eating, Kirbie had not had as much time to write up her posts as usual. So, here is a post from me. We recently visited a Korean supermarket in Irvine, and I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the snack images:

Either these folks have had a long night of partying or they’re
still at this party… on the shelves of the children’s snacks!

I don’t think there’s any spinach near or inside  this bag of
snacks, but this guy can be Popeye’s relative who gets buffed out from
eating garbage!

Everybody loves pandas! How much more would they like Crazy ones?!

Have you ever tried to get a cat to do what you want or ride a
tortoise? This little fellow was taught correctly, now only if it could
clean windows and do my laundry…

I’m a little pot…

What did he make that pile of what looks like crap from?
Hopefully not feces.

Cannibal crabs! I’m pretty sure those are crab flavored snacks that those live
crabs are playing with.

Finally, Kirbie loved this image because she thought the cookies were so cute:

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7 comments on “Funny Food Fotos”

  1. i8 am addicted to the pink crab snacks!!!

  2. Whoa, I think I almost hypnotized myself by staring into the eyes of the crazy panda.

  3. hi there! i liked the stick figure on top of the “poo” looking snacks.
    I tried the Kancho before. they taste like these snacks that have pandas on them. the kind you find at seafood city and they are in a hexagonal box.
    also, did you know that “kancho” is a game they play in japan/korea? you put both hands together with your index fingers pointing and ram it up someone’s @$$!!! it’s mostly done by small children to unsuspecting adults but really anyone can “kancho” someone. yikes. what the hell kind of game is that, teaching kids to do anal probing! ha ha..
    here’s some info:
    there’s some funny shirts:
    WWJK? (Who would Jesus Kancho?)
    and KU (Kancho University)

  4. Hahaha, so does Kirbie!

  5. I know, right? Those crazy pandas!

  6. WHAT?! That is just hilarious!!! Thanks for the laughs Caninecologne!

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