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Furaido Premium Chicken Company

Furaido is a new Korean fried chicken spot that recently opened in San Diego. It is located inside the food court of Atlas Market. Furaido offers gluten free fried chicken with 15 different flavor options.

After years of hoping for good Korean fried chicken to come to San Diego, quite a few restaurants have opened in the last few months with more coming soon.

We placed our order to-go, as we planned on enjoying the wings while watching the Super Bowl.

You have a choice of tenders, wings or drumsticks. The chicken is then flavored with glazes, dips or dust.

While it’s not stated anywhere on the menu, I’m guessing the chicken is coated in a gluten-free rice flour batter. Rice flour produces an even crispier coating than all-purpose flour and is often used in Asian cooking.

What is Korean Fried Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken is a style of fried chicken from South Korea. What makes it unique is that the chicken is fried twice. This renders most of the fat off of the skin of the chicken, leaving it thin and crispy. As a result, Korean fried chicken is usually crunchier than American fried chicken.

We ordered three different flavors of wings. The wings used here are quite large. This sometimes is a concern because larger wings have a thicker layer of fat on the skin which doesn’t always get completely rendered off when fried.

However, this was not an issue here. The skin was perfectly crispy and the wings that were glazed were quite flavorful.

Furikake Dust

This was the version I was most excited to try but ended up liking the least.

To start off with, the wings have a thick, incredibly crunchy batter. I really appreciated how crunchy these were.

The wings are plain and then dusted with furikake seasoning. Normally I like plain wings, but the ones here tasted very bland and a little dry. The gluten-free batter they are using does produce some of the crunchiest wings I’ve eaten but it leaves a dry aftertaste. Without any glaze on these wings, the dryness was much more apparent.

Garlic Soy Glaze

While these wings may look plain, they are actually coated with their garlic soy glaze. Because the batter is so crunchy, it remains so even with the glaze, which is a definite bonus. We enjoyed these wings more because the glaze took away the dryness I was feeling with the dusted wings.

Savory Red Glaze

Of the three, these were my favorite. The savory red sauce is garlicky, a little sweet and spicy. I believe they use gochujang in the sauce. The glaze is quite thick making these wings the messiest to eat, but I found this glaze more flavorful than the garlic soy. Again, the wings managed to stay quite crunchy even after being soaked in the heavy glaze.

Overall, we enjoyed the wings here and would get them again. I recommend getting the glazed versions as I found the plain ones to be a little dry and bland. I personally still prefer Bonchon more, but I think this is a good option, especially for those looking for gluten free fried chicken.


Furaido (located inside Atlast Market food court)
14837 Pomerado Rd, Poway, CA 92064

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6 comments on “Furaido Premium Chicken Company”

  1. I’m excited to try this! Also Rice Chicken will be opening in my neighborhood soon! So many Korean Fried Chickens, so little time. ?
    I showed my husband your fudgey brownie recipe and he’s excited to try it.

  2. This has been on my list to try for awhile now. That’s amazing the wings stayed crunchy in the to-go order AND in the sauces. I thought the furikake dust would be my favorite as well as I like my wings dusted vs sauced. Was there a long line when you went (for people placing orders?)?

  3. Hi kirbie! We tried these wings recently and crunchy batter aside, thought the flavors were a bit plain. The savory red mostly tasted like that korean paste though so it was just ok. I’ll have to revisit bonchon (I only tried their soy garlic) but I love the wings at cross street chicken.

    • I haven’t been back to Cross Street in a while because there’s always a crowd. While they have some great flavors, my issue was that the fat hadn’t been rendered off the skin, so it was only the outer batter that was crunchy and not the skin itself. They have a half & half option at Bonchon so you can try both sauces.