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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by GOOD THiNS through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about GOOD THiNS, all opinions are my own.

overhead photo of a box of GOOD THiNS with crackers spilling out of the box
I recently tried out a new snack, GOOD THiNS, and I’m excited to share my review.

I’m always on the search for new snacks given my love of snacking. I get a craving for something crunchy after lunch or in the afternoon. Potato chips may be the obvious choice but not a very smart one. So I love trying out better choices.
overhead photo of a box of GoodThins
GOOD THiNS immediately appealed to me. They are baked instead of fried and don’t contain any artificial flavors or colors. Each one is thin and crunchy with a delicious potato flavor. I sampled the original, but they have several other flavors to choose from as well.

close-up photo of a stack of GoodThin crackers
One serving of GOOD THiNS original is 24 pieces and a mere 130 calories. It was definitely enough to satisfy my crunchy craving.

I’m obviously not alone in loving this new snack. Check out this video from some of the toughest critics, kids. Kids are honest in a way that adults rarely are. They’re also difficult to please, which is why they make great go-to food critics.   

overhead photo of a stack of goodthins
GOOD THiNS is available at grocery stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $3.69.

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6 comments on “GOOD THiNS”

  1. I’ll have to try the plain ones. I tried the garlic and spinach potato ones and they were possibly the worst cracker i have ever had. On the other hand, the garlic chickpea ones are heavenly.

    • Oh no on the garlic and spinach one! I was looking forward to trying that one. The original one had the flavor of a regular potato chip for me. Writing up this post reminded me of all the other flavors I need to try and I was planning on buying as many flavors as I can find this weekend. The chickpea one sounds really interesting!

  2. I don’t eat chickpeas, but wanted to try the garlic herb option. Do you actually taste the chickpea flavor?

  3. I love chickpeas so i am not the best person to ask. Most people that tried my crackers at work said they taste like wheat thins (which they are) but a little bit lighter.

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