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Hak’s BBQ Sauce and Gourmet Experience

Not too long ago, I was provided with a bottle of Hak’s BBQ sauce created by Chef Sharone Hakman, a top 5 finalist on last season’s FOX reality show MasterChef.

I was also provided a ticket to attend the annual Gourmet Experience in San Diego, where Chef Sharone showcased his sauce and performed a cooking demo.

I stopped by the his booth at the Gourmet Experience, but unfortunately, it was right during his cooking demonstration so I didn’t get to meet him. He did appear to be very energetic, friendly, and made some dishes that looked quite yummy.

At his booth, the sauce was being served with some sausages and other meats. We sampled the sausages and really liked the flavor of the sauce. It is both smoky and spicy.

A few weeks later, the family and I were chowing down on some Coop’s BBQ ribs. While Coop’s provides a bbq sauce, it’s probably the one thing on the menu I find to be a little weak. Their bbq sauce is just okay, nothing special. So when my siblings asked for some dipping sauce, I Immediately though of Hak’s sauce and broke it open. It was just what the bbq ribs and brisket  needed. The smoky flavor and spicy kick went perfectly with our bbq and gave it some additional “oomph.”

I plan on playing with the bbq sauce some more. I’d like to make a spaghetti with the bbq sauce. The sauce is a bit on the spicy side so for those who really can’t tolerate spice, this may not be for you. I really loved it though.

Currently, you can purchase the sauce at

Hopefully, the sauce will start hitting local grocery stores soon and lower in price (currently it is $8 plus shipping).

I was provided with a bottle of sauce and a ticket to the Gourmet Experience for free, however I was not compensated for my review and my opinions are my own.

Here are a few more pictures from the Gourmet Experience.

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