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Happy Halloween!

While I spent the last weekend baking up a lot of pumpkin recipes, Boyfriend was doing some pumpkin making of his own.  His work was having a pumpkin carving contest, and he wanted to enter.  He showed me all these elaborate sketches.  I had my doubts since he had never carved a pumpkin before.

So while I baked, he quietly worked on his pumpkin.  I was so surprised with his finished product!  And very proud.  He went on to win the category of scariest pumpkin at his work! Horray!

The only bad thing is that he didn't do much research into how to preserve the pumpkin before he started his carving, so the pumpkin has pretty much died.  I wish we had done the research beforehand so that it could last at least through Halloween.  Oh well.  Now we know for next year.  Of course, since he was so successful with this one, he has been wanting to go out and buy tons of pumpkins to carve. Happy Halloween everyone!

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6 comments on “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Thanks Carol! I’ll let him know you like it. He’ll be so happy to hear that.

  2. His drawing is damn good! I can’t wait to see what he comes up wit next year!

  3. Awesome pumpkins! I’m definitely going to tell boyfriend and look into templates. He didn’t use any. He just simply drew his sketch onto the pumpkin and began cutting

  4. Thanks! Happy Halloween to you to!

  5. Happy Howl-loween Kirbie! I think your Boyfriend’s pumpkin carving is pretty good for his first time! I really get into pumpkin carving every year, once carved 4 pumpkins on one night. It’s hard to keep the pumpkin fresh and I’ve tried a lot of different things. Best I’ve found was the bleach spray but it stinky like bleach.
    This will be the first year in over a decade that I won’t be carving due to the kitchen reno. But I’m really looking forward to next year!
    Here’s the link to my old website for some of the pumpkin carvings I did the last couple of years. There are a few sites out there that offer templates (some free, mostly for a fee). One of my favorite is Zombie Pumpkin. Oh yeah, and the Pumpkin Gutter is an awesome tool if you have a power drill.

  6. Happy Halloween Kirbie!

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