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Healthier Fudgy Nutella Mug Cake

photo of a spoonful of Nutella Mug Cake
I’ve become obsessed with using nonfat Greek yogurt in recipes. I made the healthy three ingredient chocolate cake and then the three ingredient fudgy chocolate cookies. After that I decided to go over some of my previous recipes and healthify some of them by using Greek strained yogurt in place of eggs and oil.

First up in my experimenting was this Nutella mug cake. Without the egg, the cake loses its binding agent, so it didn’t puff up all round and pretty like a normal cake. But even though it appeared a little bit crumbly when cooked, the yogurt gives the cake a fudgy texture to it, much like the effect of the yogurt on the chocolate cake and chocolate cookies.
overhead photo of a Nutella Mug Cake
Since you’re making it in a mug, the looser crumbs isn’t as big of a deal. You just scoop it up with a spoon. This was really really tasty. In fact, I like it better than the original and I’m a pretty big fan of the original. The cake had a fudgy, brownie-like texture.
close-up photo of a spoonful of cake
The original Nutella mug cake recipe can be found here. If you eat the entire cake it’s 1,008 calories and 62.9g of fat. (I’m consoling myself with the fact that I usually only eat half of it and split it with FH. Analyzing the nutrition facts of my recipes is definitely making them less desirable to eat.)

The new healthified version: 604 calories and 16.9g of fat. Tada! You cut out a whopping 404 calories and 46 grams of a fat. And if you split the recipe in half, which I usually do, you’re only eating about 300 calories and 8.5 grams of fat.
Nutella Mug Cake
Though the best part is, it doesn’t taste like a healthified recipe. It tastes just as yummy as a regular cake. You can check out my full mug cake collection here.

Healthier Fudgy Nutella Mug Cake

Servings: 1
Prep Time: 4 minutes
Cook Time: 1 minute
Total Time: 5 minutes
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
This Nutella cake has a fudgy, brownie-like texture and is ready to go in just minutes!


  • 4 tsbp all purpose flour
  • 3 tbsp white granulated sugar
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • 3 tbsp Nutella
  • 3 tbsp nonfat milk
  • 3 tbsp nonfat plain Greek strained yogurt


  • Combine all ingredients in an oversized coffee mug. Whisk well with a small whisk until smooth (make sure you get the flour hiding at the bottom of the mug). 
  • Microwave on high for 1 1/2 minutes and then take it out to check to see if it is done. Cake may be crumbly, but should be fully cooked. If not done, microwave for another 30 seconds. Careful not to overcook it or it gets hard. 
  • You can also make this into two smaller-sized mugs. You can mix the batter all in one mug and then pour half into another mug. Make sure you cook each one individually.

The nutrition information provided are only estimates based on an online nutritional calculator. I am not a certified nutritionist. Please consult a professional nutritionist or doctor for accurate information and any dietary restrictions and concerns you may have.

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4 comments on “Healthier Fudgy Nutella Mug Cake”

  1. I just tried this recipe this morning and I absolutely love it! It’s amazing! I didn’t have Greek yogurt, so I used plain yogurt, and I halved the amount of sugar. It still turned out amazing! Best breakfast in quite a while 😀

  2. I would like to say that i love love love this mug cake. Better than the original! Do you by any chance have a recipe for a chocolate chip cookie dough mug cake? You have given me incentive to try to substitute greek yogurt in a bunch of recipes.

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