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Hello Kitty Cafe Truck

The Hello Kitty Cafe truck made a brief appearance in San Diego this past Saturday. The Hello Kitty Cafe will be opening later this year somewhere in Southern California, but until then, their mobile truck has been making stops to spread its cuteness.

From Eater, I knew the truck would be parked at Fashion Valley for the day. I went with a few Hello Kitty-loving friends, including Jinxi, to check it out. We arrived right when they were planning to open (10:00 AM), but the line was already madness. I’m not usually willing to wait in lines, even for Hello Kitty, but since I had some good friends there, it didn’t seem as bad and it gave us a chance to catch-up.

The “truck” isn’t your typical food truck. First, it’s really a van more than a truck and no food is made on the premises. Instead, the van carries macarons, petite four cakes, donuts, water bottles and hot chocolate –all Hello Kitty themed. The water bottle is shaped like a Hello Kitty bow, the macarons are adorned with Hello Kitty bows, the donuts have white chocolate Hello Kitty bows.

I thought the mini cakes were the most special, covered in fondant, with two of them decorated to look like Hello Kitty characters. If you purchased $25 worth of stuff, you get a free tote.

Since there was no wait for food to be made, the line moved steadily, but it still took quite a while. We ended up waiting 2 hours before we got our stuff!

This is what I ended up with:

I was a little upset to find the pink donut smooshed. It happened to the others in my group as well. The donuts were light and fluffy and still tasted pretty fresh the next day. They are like your typical bakery frosted donut.

I did not get the macarons. My friends who did said they were good on the first day but the shells dried out a little too much after that and they turned a little crumbly. I did get a water bottle for a souvenir:

I’m saving the cakes for last and having the hardest time trying to eat them because I don’t want to ruin them. They are just so cute and I want to preserve them forever.

I’m excited for when the Hello Kitty Cafe makes its debut. I’ve seen the ones in Taiwan and they have an impressive array of foods, desserts, etc. I’m hoping that the Southern California one will be just as good.

Hello Kitty Cafe

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10 comments on “Hello Kitty Cafe Truck”

  1. hello, when will Hello Kitty tuck be in San Diego. I miss it every time. Thank you love love Hello Kitty

  2. I thought about going, but I forgot to put it on my calendar.  Now I’m glad I didn’t go because of the long lines, but the water bottle and the cakes are so cute …

    • The merchandise was cute, but I don’t think it was worth the 2 hour wait. So it’s probably a good thing you forgot to put it on your calendar!

  3. At least you were with friends during that 2 hour wait. Yikes!  The petit fours are so cute! Everything was so cute! 🙂

  4. I had considered going but then I saw the hours and figured people would be lining up way before the van even started business. Too bad about the crushed donut, I would love to know who makes it. Nice round up.

    • I was really curious as to where they are getting there stuff made too…You probably made the right decision. If i hadn’t gone with friends, I woulnt have been willing to wait. I would rather just wait for the physical store to open.

  5. Awesome adventure!  I have fun visiting the Hello Kitty Museum exhibit in L.A. but didn’t want to stand in line for the van.  Thanks for the great photos!  IT’s almost as good as being in the 2 hour line.  🙂