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photo of ice cream served at Honeymee

Honeymee is a soft-serve ice cream shop that offers “true milk” ice cream and natural honeycomb chips. They have several location in Los Angeles and one in Irvine. After hearing rave reviews from a few friends, we went to go check it out.
photo of the menu
The menu is pretty simple. They only have one flavor of soft serve, their signature true milk soft serve, which you can get by itself, drizzled with honey, with chocolate sauce, or with a honeycomb chip. They also offer a few ice cream shakes.
photo of honeycombs on display

photo of the Honeymee ice cream
Since it was my first time here, I had to try the honeymee, which is their true milk ice cream topped with a natural honeycomb chip. I’m not quite sure what “true milk” ice cream is. I believe they call it that because they use milk and no artificial ingredients. The ice cream was definitely one of the creamiest, purest tasting ice creams I’ve eaten and I really enjoyed it.

As for the honeycomb…Well my friends warned me beforehand, but encouraged me to try it at least once. It seems like a fun concept and it looks pretty cool. When you first bite in, you taste the honey and it just tastes like a piece of candy. However once the honey flavor is gone, you’re left with this waxy material in your mouth that gets stuck on your teeth. You basically have to politely spit it out. It was an interesting experience and I’m glad I tried it once, but next time I’ll just get the ice cream with another topping.

photo of a Sweetie ice cream
This is the ice cream drizzled with honey.

close-up photo of Sweetie
This one is drizzled with caramel syrup

Green Tea Shake
photo of a Green Tea Shake
Overall, I was pretty impressed with their ice cream. It’s some of the best soft serve I’ve ever had and I’d go back again for more. The honeycomb was an interesting experience but next time I’ll just get the ice cream plain or topped with honey.

photo of all the ice creams ordered

multiple locations
3377 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 116
Los Angeles, CA 90017

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6 comments on “Honeymee”

  1. It’s probably not as easy to because it’s on something cold, but honeycomb is completely edible. If you come across honeycomb at a farmer’s market, you should pick up a piece and try it on a hot scone or toast – when softened, its divine!

  2. Again, no fair!!! Lol! I never thought to use honeycomb on my ice cream! 

  3. Yes! Best ice cream ever!!! I always get the Sweetie. You get a nice dose of honey