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Hospitality Hot Pot and Grill (就是好客)

It’s closing in on the one year mark since my trip to Taiwan, so I’m trying to get my posts completed. If we had a food theme during our trip, it would definitely be hot pot. All you can eat hot pot is everywhere in Taipei and while there, we had it three times.

My Uncle always likes to scout all the restaurants before we visit and take us to his favorites. He really liked this place because it serves giant prawns for grilling. You can also order side items like sashimi.

Our table was equipped with a charcoal grill and a hot pot. You order items off the menu, and it’s all you can eat.

Here’s a closer look at the charcoal grill. I think the charcoal grilled food comes out tasting better if you work the grill right.

Here’s the ordering sheet. It was funny to see the waiter’s shorthand notes. Basically it says we didn’t want pork or chicken.

Here’s some of what we had:

As you can see, we ordered a lot of prawns. It’s one of the things this restaurant is most known for. The prawns here were quite large and tasted really great on a charcoal grill. They were simple and a little bit smokey. There were some different salts for seasoning.

Some items that didn’t need to be cooked including sashimi:

The quality was just so-so on the sashimi though. The hotpot meats and the prawns and seafood were much higher quality.
No hot pot meal in Taiwan would be complete without all the tiny cans of soda and the Movenpick ice cream.

We also got some mochi, almond tofu and fruit for dessert too.

The meal ended up being 449NT per person or approximately $15.50. There were a couple add-on options you could get for an additional costs such as higher quality sashimi, even bigger prawns, beer. We thought the food provided in the basic price range was enough.


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11 comments on “Hospitality Hot Pot and Grill (就是好客)”

  1. Look at all of those big prawns, wow!

  2. Green Tea, Shiso, and Wasabi salt. Yum! I love places like this!

  3. The spread looks amazing! (but LOL at the dead pig and chicken drawings) And I spy some green tea salt… did you get to try that on your prawns? 😀

  4. omg, looks amazing. we has shabu shabu once in Korea years ago and we still haven’t found anything comparable in NYC.

  5. What a great deal, especially with prawns that big! The tiny cans of soda were so cute!