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Hue Cafe revisit

Hue Cafe
3860 Convoy St. #106
San Diego, CA 92111

I paid a quick visit to Hue Cafe shortly after it opened, which can be found here. I've been wanting to give it a more thorough visit, so I went back again this weekend.  We ordered a mixed fruit shaved ice and a Belgium waffle topped with green tea gelato.

The shaved ice arrived first:

The shaved ice was so pretty.  There were a lot of toppings including peanut powder, mochi balls, canned mangoes, peaches, mandarin oranges, strawberries, kiwi, lychee jelly, and green apple flavored jelly.  And of course the vanilla bean gelato on top.  The only disappointing thing was the ice.  The ice was really hard and clumped together and we had to keep hitting it to try to break it apart. And the ice had absolutely no flavor.

Next, came our waffle:

Again, I liked the presentation. I really enjoyed the green tea gelato.  I've never had green tea flavored gelato.  All the gelato I've had has been at Italian places that feature more Italian flavors.  I would love to be able to eat green tea gelato more often.  I'm not sure where Hue got theirs from.  I found the waffle to be too sweet just like last time. 

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7 comments on “Hue Cafe revisit”

  1. Oh my god, I’m a sucker for shaved ice, the one you had looked absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Mmm, looks good! I wish I had a sweet tooth (waffles make me crave fried chicken, haha), I’d totally hit up this place next time I’m at Nijiya. I did notice a free WiFi sign so maybe I can work on a post there. 🙂

  3. I visited Hue a week or two ago and saw the WiFi sign but didn’t get any networks. 🙁

  4. Me too! I always want shaved ice when it’s on the menu. The presentation was very pretty.

  5. I saw the free wifi sign. Hopefully you get wifi when you go. Perhaps a tart frozen yogurt if you don’t have a sweet tooth?

  6. That shaved ice looks like art! Usually the shaved ice i get looks so messy and sloppy (although it tastes great). They didn’t put any condensed milk on the ice?
    The green tea gelato waffle looks scrumptious! That’s the dish i’m dying to try on my next visit. I told my sis about your experience and she also kept saying ‘something about the waffle doesn’t taste right’. But i kinda like it so I can’t wait to try it w/ the green tea gelato!
    Wonderful post!

  7. The Korean style shaved ice I get from cafes are always so pretty. The Taiwanese style ones are more melty and less pretty, but oh so yummy! I still love traditional Taiwanese style the best. Esp like the ones from the night market vendors in Taiwan.
    I don’t know if they put condensed milk. The ice had white liquid around it, but it wasn’t sweet at all…So I think they didn’t put enough

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