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Humphrey Slocombe

When I visit San Francisco, one of my “must stops” is Humphrey Slocombe, an ice cream shop servings all sorts of unique and crazy flavor combinations.

They offer 10-12 flavors daily and rotate amongst their many flavors. You can view the complete list of flavors here.

Sometimes there is a line out the door but it usually moves pretty fast. The staff is patient and friendly and doesn’t mind that you may take several minutes to taste test and mull over your options at the counter.

I love coming to try new flavors, though my favorite is also their best-seller: Secret breakfast. Bourbon laced ice cream mixed with crunchy cornflakes. When I first heard the description, I wasn’t convinced. This sure wasn’t a combination I’ve ever eaten for breakfast. But it works. And it’s addicting. If I lived close by, I would by a gallon of this stuff and it daily.

Secret breakfast and black sesame

Because it is so popular, this flavor is always on the menu, so I never have to miss out. Another one of my favorites is their Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee flavor.

Another one we tried on our last visit: Tahitian V*[email protected] and something else I don’t remember.

Not only does Slocombe serve unique flavors, but the ice creams are creamy and the flavors are intense.

It’s always fun to check out the decor too.

Humphrey Slocombe
2790 Harrison St
San Francisco, CA 94110

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10 comments on “Humphrey Slocombe”

  1. WHOOOOHOOO!! One of my top ice cream shops, ever, and one more reason why I have fallen in love with SF. My faves are the Vietnamese Coffee and the Secret Breakfast. I even make a Secret Breakfast cupcake on my blog!

  2. I’m so jealous. You live near some of the best foodie places in the world. I have to settle for buying the cookbook.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences though.

  3. How was the black sesame? We were just in NY, and I had a sample of black sesame gelato from this one shop. It was so heavenly, but I ended up choosing different flavors, but when we went to this shop a couple of days later, they no longer had the black sesame! I was so upset!

    I must try Humphrey Slocombe on my next trip to SF.

    • I liked the black sesame, but it didn’t wow me enough to make it a favorite. I know how you feel. There was a gelato shop near by parent’s place that had the most amazing black sesame gelato. I used to get it on every trip. And then they closed down! I haven’t been able to find one equally as good since.

  4. You didn’t get the Fetal Kitten flavor? 🙂 I actually asked about it (it was a flavor on the Andy Warhol set of 4) and the guy said it was a ‘joke’. I had to ask! N

    We went here a year and a half ago – our friend got two alcoholic flavors, the Jesus Juice and Secret Breakfast. My daughter actually enjoyed her carrot mango. I also had the black sesame paired with Szechuan Strawberry. That second flavor was a bit too spicy for me. The ice cream flavors here are really really intense. Bert liked the VN coffee flavor with Balsamic caramel.

    During your SF trip, did you get a chance to go to Bi-Rite Creamery?

    • Not on this trip, but I have been to Bi Rite in the past! I like that one too, though I seem to always go near summer time when the line is practically wrapped around a block.

  5. I tried the Vietnamese coffee one when I went too- so good!

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