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Introducing Funny Photo Fridays

I know many of you enjoyed Boyfriend's Philippines' posts. I found myself constantly trying to hold in the laughter when reading them.  For a while now I've been trying to figure out how to have him be able to continue to contribute to the blog.  He didn't want to write real food reviews.  When he was writing the Philippines' posts, he was always pretty stressed out writing them.

Many of you may know that Boyfriend is an Artist.  While he doesn't get to do it full time for a living, he spends most of his free time sketching, reading up on improving his art skills as well as drawing for a webcomic.  The webcomic is written by his friend, and drawn by Boyfriend.  Sometimes, Boyfriend pitches an idea, which his friend rejects.  I've encouraged Boyfriend to start his own blog because I think he is pretty funny.  I suggested that through his blog he can include his sketches, his ideas, his own comics, or just rants and such.  He finally started his blog recently, though he hasn't yet debuted it yet.  When I was reading some of the entries, I couldn't stop laughing, and that is where I got the idea for this column for him to write. 

Boyfriend usually accompanies me on my food shopping trips.  While I'm shopping, he's busy finding all these weird and funny things that he snaps pictures of and then sends to his friends.  Apparently there's quite a few funny stuff to be found at Asian markets.  He's been writing about those pictures in his blog, so I have asked him to include a funny food photo post on Fridays. For the debut, you get a double post!

Plunging Style Just a Fad?

our normal venture to the local Japanese grocery store, there’s plenty
of random things for sale that I don’t understand. In this particular
instance the thing for sale probably isn’t exactly emphasized by the
visuals. I can’t read Japanese so I can just guess that they’re selling
plunger hats.

I’m also suspicious of what the gentleman is holding in his hands… or does his shirt just open up at the middle?

Monkeys Make Everything Better

don’t know what it is about monkeys that make things more interesting,
but monkeys do amazing things just like humans except they’re animals.

The secret to marketing monkeys is probably having them do certain
things, cute things such as dancing in little suit or driving cars,
even giving you a sponge bath. What? too far? You can’t judge me till
you’ve stolen a monkey and had it give you a sponge bath, then and only
then can you judge…

This tea tastes so much better having been picked by monkeys. When
I’m not busy wasting time, I’m taking these random pictures waiting for
my girlfriend shop for the necessities for example my dinner. A real
woman knows when her Man will only poison himself with his own cooking
and not even realize it. Sorry women, I’m taken.

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8 comments on “Introducing Funny Photo Fridays”

  1. Did you ever watch that show “I Survived a Japanese Game Show”? There was one episode where the winners were award a dinner at a restaurants where monkeys helped serve the guess. I guess monkeys do make everything better…uh yeah. BTW, that sign is for rice wine. Odd how the Chinese character for wine is one of the few Chinese characters I recognize…wait, don’t read anything into that, haha!

  2. I haven’t watched the game show, but I can only guess that it is as entertaining as many of those Japanese game shows.
    Wine?! well I guess that makes sense considering they’re wearing plungers on their head.
    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Lol! Your BF sounds a bit like my Husband. He’s got the artistic bug in him as well and likes to draw.
    I like taking funny pictures as well! It’s hilarious what’s out there…makes you wonder if people every really thought through some of these advertising signs and whatnot.

  4. So plungers in Asian are like lampshades in USA, I’m guessing. jk. I looked it up and apparently amazake is a very low alcoholic content rice milk used for a variety of stuff.

  5. So plungers are like what lampshades are in USA??? jk. I looked up amazake and apparently it’s a rice milk of sorts that have very low alcoholic content.

  6. Wo, double post, freaky Friday. Sorry KBF!

  7. I think plungers are a better headdress because they suction to your head and are more difficult to fall off. The other advantage is aerodynamics, since the bulb portion is covering your dome the stick has less wind resistance as a regular had that has a bill or is just wide.
    Thanks for confirming Amazake translation!
    No worries on the double post, it makes it seem the post is more important with a larger comment count! thanks Carol!

  8. ART!!!
    I hope its not a bug, bugs are creepy crawly and all over a food blog?! Definitely a scary combination. Or is it the disease kind of bug??? Is it contagious? Can you image if everyone in the world caught the art bug and could draw stick figures? My mind is blown.
    Sorry, it happens when people say “art” and “draw.”
    I love taking funny pictures too! (It’s a disorder, I think, I diagnosed myself.)There are many funny or entertaining things in the world you just gotta sit back and enjoy it. The more common mistakes are because of language translations and cultural references they are also the funniest.
    Thanks for enjoying the post!

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