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Izakaya Sakura revisit

Izakaya Sakura
3904 Convoy St #121
San Diego, CA 92184
(858) 569-6151

It's been a while since I've been back to Sakura.  My previous posts can be found here and here. With little brother asking for sushi all the time, I decided to take him to Sakura. 

We went for dinner.  Along with the regular dinner menu, these were the specials for the night:

Boyfriend and little brother each ordered the chirashi bowl. 

Boyfriend and Little Brother both enjoyed their Chirashi bowl. 

I ordered a Uni don. 

While I enjoyed the uni don on my previous visit, this time the uni was not as good.  Parts of it didn't taste very fresh and was a bit too fishy.  Perhaps it didn't help that I had just eaten at Kaito the weekend before.

We also ordered the deep fried flounder:

The taste was just okay.  I prefer the whole fried flounders that are usually available in chinese restaurants.

We also ordered the fried salmon collar.

I enjoyed the crispy skin.  The salmon collar meat was also delicious. 

We also ordered the Tamago.

I found this to be too sweet. I was not a fan of this dish. 

Overall, a slightly disappointing experience.  I still like coming to Sakura, this was not my favorite visit.

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4 comments on “Izakaya Sakura revisit”

  1. holy crap that is a lot of uni. too bad about your experience here. i’ve been here once or twice a few years back and found the food to be pretty good. ended up spending too much though because i wanted to try everything!

  2. I know what you mean. Usually when I go, my bill ends up being more than eating at the fine dining places in La Jolla.

  3. *Gasp* A bad sakura visit? Thanks for a heads up on inconsistencies and dishes to avoid.
    You wouldn’t believe it but this place has been on my to-dine list for about 2yrs and yet I always end up blogging somewhere else -_- Likely to never write about this place now that I live in LA. doh!
    Youch. Winced after I read your comment above…

  4. I can’t believe you never checked it out! But yeah, it’s been a bit inconsistent for me after the initial 2-3 really great visits. I guess it’s better for my wallet. Wait, you are in LA now too? Awww..I’m going to miss your SD posts.

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