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Joyee’s is a new Chinese restaurant, specializing in dumplings and jian bing (a savory egg crepe). Located inside Ranch 99 market, the restaurant replaced the former E & Drink.
overhead photo of Pork and cabbage handmade buns

Since we are almost always in the mood for dumplings, we went to check them out this weekend. The restaurant only opened last week and they are still settling in. The food wait was a little long and there was definitely a lack of front-of-the-house experience.
photo of the front of Joyees restaurant
photo of the Joyees menu
Pork and Chive Dumplings
Pork and Chive Dumplings photo
Some of the dumpling juices had leaked from a few of the dumplings, but overall we found these dumplings to be quite flavorful and juicy. They had a good amount of filling in each one. They were pretty decent dumplings for San Diego and I would come back to get them again.
close-up of Pork and Chive Dumplings
We came back for a second visit, but ordered take-out. We tried their shrimp and pork dumplings on our second visit, which I enjoyed as well.

Jian Bing
Jian Bing photo
This is a popular Chinese breakfast street food item and we actually saw quite a few people shopping inside the market holding and eating them. It’s a savory crepe and the base version contains eggs, crispy biscuit, scallions, chili sauce and hoisin sauce. There is also the choice to add spiced beef, chinese cruller and more.

The person making the crepes is positioned outside the kitchen so that people can watch the crepes being made.

I thought the jian bing here was average but not something I’d necessarily order again. We tried the basic version on this visit and also added spiced beef for our take-out order. I thought the beef version was too salty but this basic version felt a little plain. I also am used to a crisper crepe and these were a much softer-style.

Pork and cabbage handmade buns
Pork and cabbage handmade buns photo
We also tried their handmade buns. The pillowy buns were quite tasty. When we bit into the filling, there was quite a bit of soup in each one.
close-up of Pork and cabbage handmade buns
We tried to order their noodles dishes but they were sold out of the ones we were interested in. When we revisited, we had their soybean paste noodles. The sauce, unfortunately, was far too salty and we weren’t even able to finish the dish.

Overall, we liked their dumplings and buns but the rest of the food we tried was just okay. I would recommend ordering the food to-go because our experience dining in was very frustrating. It appears they plan to do quite a lot of take-out business since it’s the first question they ask you when you order and they also advertise delivery as well.

(located inside Ranch 99)
7330 Clairemont Mesa Blvd a110, San Diego, CA 92111

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5 comments on “Joyee’s”

  1. Oh gosh this is another restaurant we want to try! I had called them before to ask if they had a/c and I thought they said no. My grandma is in town and we went to 99 Ranch one afternoon – was surprised Joyees was here. The place was empty though. Did you notice if the restaurant does have a/c (there’s no doors that separate them from the market). I am so coming here to try their homemade buns – so hard to find soupy versions of them here!

  2. Hi kirbie! I’m not too familiar with Jian Bing. Is there anywhere in SD that you’ve enjoyed it? I haven’t been to a 99 ranch in forever (except to buy a mahjong set recently)!

    • Jian bing isn’t that common in SD and I don’t know anywhere else that currently offers it. I think maybe some of the places in LA that serve Chinese breakfast may have it on the menu.

      • There is a vendor called Momo Bing that sells jian bing at Asian festivals or Balboa Park international cottages events (usually with House of China). You mighy catch them at Mira Mesa farmer’s market if they’re still there.

        I actually wanted to try the crepe at Joycee’s but it was break time for the cooks when I went. Their drinks are good. I liked the tiramisu cream puff w/ roasted oolong tea. It’s like the salted cheese tea, maybe not as salty like Happy Lemon’s. I liked to mix mine quite a bit before drinking so the foam isn’t too overwhelming.

      • thanks for the tip on Momo Bing! Also happy to hear the drinks are good. I was curious about them, but we actually went to Happy Lemon right before.