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Kaito Sushi revisit

I’ve blogged about Kaito Sushi twice now (here and here), so I’m going to keep this post short and simple. I couldn’t resist sharing some sushi photos from our latest visit about a month ago, and needed to get this post written before I forget what it was we had.

Kaito has definitely become our favorite place to get high quality, fresh sushi in San Diego (the fish is flown in from all over the world). We love sitting in Chef Joe’s section and he always prepares us a wonderful meal.

On our latest visit, Chef Joe prepared us this:

Scallop, two ways: raw and stir fried.


Blue fin tuna flown in from Spain

Big clam



Eel anago

This was so soft, it melted in my mouth.

Eel spine deep fried

This is one of our favorite treats. I wish I could have a whole bag to snack on.

The finale was an uni sushi and an uni roll with clam and mint. Normally I enjoy eating uni by itself. But this combination with the clam and mint was so delicious. I actually enjoyed it better than just eating uni.

For each dish, the rice was already flavored so we never had to use the soy sauce or wasabi. I love that they make their own sauce for the rice. I don’t quite know what they put in it, but I really love it and find it hard to go back to regular sushi rice.

The night we went, we were informed they had skipjack the night before, which is the fiancee’s favorite fish. We’ll have to go back and try to catch them on a day they have some before the season for it is over.

Kaito Sushi
130 N El Camino Real
Encinitas, CA 92024
(760) 634-2746

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6 comments on “Kaito Sushi revisit”

  1. I love Kaito! I need to go back soon.

  2. I really need to visit this place as well. I don’t remember – but how are their prices compared to Ota or other sushi places?

    I wish i had the courage to sit at the bar! I’ve never ever felt comfortable to do so. Always preferred eating at a table w/ a friend.

    I also wish I could enjoy uni the way you do. I’ve tried it once but just couldn’t find it ‘wonderful’ or magnificent. Still looking for a place that will give me THE uni dish that will change my mind forever 🙂

    Nice pictures!

    • Cheaper than Ota. But it can still get sort of pricey. We usually spent about $120 for the both of us. (which is still very reasonable compared to how much we’ve been charged at other sushi bars in sd and in la). I would definitely recommend you sit at the bar here or else it’s kind of pointless to go. Their regular sushi menu options won’t let you experience what makes this place special. And they are really nice and will help you out. Our first sushi bar experience was here.
      Some people who don’t like uni like it in a cooked dish. That may be something to try.

  3. Looks amazing. I keep putting off my first visit, thanks for reminding me I need to go asap.

    • Yes you definitely should go! The fish is really fresh and reasonably priced. We checked out some sushi bars in LA and found them to be overpriced and not as good.

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