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KI Sushi- lunch visit

Ki Sushi & Sake Bar
8650 Genesee Ave
San Diego, CA 92122
(858) 404-0707

Photographer friend indicated that he loved sushi rolls when we were discussing food on his last visit.  Normally we don't eat sushi when we hang out with him, or any kind of seafood because his wife hates seafood.  But on his last visit, it was just him hanging out while his wife was hanging out with some other friends.  So Boyfriend and I decided to take him to get some sushi.  We didn't want to go too far or somewhere that would be too busy, so we took him to Ki Sushi

It was hard to capture what the restaurant looks like from where we were sitting, but here are some pictures of the sushi bar.

I like how they use metal chopsticks.

The staff here tends to be young, japanese, and full of energy.  Our waiter practically jumped to our table.  A far cry from the terrible Urban Solace service we had the night before.

I enjoy their creative rolls here, but the lunch specials looked good too.  I've never had any of their lunch specials.  So we all ended up ordering a lunch special and sushi rolls, which was a lot of food.  In fact, all the food didn't even fit on our table.  The waiter promptly ran off to get a table extender for our food.

I got the chicken katsu lunch special, which came with miso soup, salad, choice of mixed tempura or california roll and rice.

The miso soup was pretty standard to ones I've been served from other American/Japanese restaurants. It had a few pieces of tofu and some seaweed.

The chicken katsu was okay.  A bit overfried.  The tempura batter was too thick for my liking, but there was a lot of different tempura items, including shrimp, potato, sweet potato, broccoli, kabocha, zucchini. Overall, the lunch special didn't really do much for me. Next time I will stick with just ordering the rolls only.

Boyfriend and Photographer friend both got the chicken terriyaki lunch special with california roll.

Boyfriend loves chicken terriyaki.  I didn't try any of his.

Now onto the rolls!
Boyfriend got his two favorite: Rainbow roll and Spicy Fantasy roll

This is the rainbow roll.  Inside is imitation crab meat.

This is the spicy Fantasy roll.  There is shrimp tempura inside and spicy tuna inside.  I liked this roll.

Photographer friend got the Baked Salmon roll.

The special sauce was pretty tasty and so was the roll, even though it felt a bit weird eating cooked salmon.

I ordered the super calamari roll. And it was super in size. Look at it compared to the rainbow roll!

It's eight pieces, but split into four sections of two.  Inside is a calamari tempura roll, which is then topped with a giant piece of fried calamari, then topped with tuna, then topped with sauce, crab, and roe.  As I love calamari, this was delicious to me.  Though I couldn't fit the whole thing in my mouth at once. The roll was so pretty too.  I just wanted to take it out of the restaurant so I could get some better lighting to snap some better pictures. Oh well.

We somehow managed to finish all our food….Overall, pretty good experience.  I don't care so much for their regular food items, but I enjoy their pretty and creative sushi rolls.

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2 comments on “KI Sushi- lunch visit”

  1. I shld give this a try since my husband loves sushi like me..have u tried Azuki sushi? it’s pretty good …it’s in Banker’s Hill and I tried their salmon on rice for dinner plus sushi of course..pretty good! a bit fusiony but tasty nevertheless

  2. Tastesofhome- No I haven’t tried Azuki sushi. Thanks for the recommendation!

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