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King Eggroll- the best eggrolls!

Hi everyone! So, this weekend I went home to the Bay Area to spend some
time with my family, enjoy mom’s cooking and eat at some yummy food
spots.  I spent a lot of time fooding and snapping pictures. I only
wish the weekend hadn’t been so short!  So one of my stops this weekend
is one of my favorites: King Eggroll!

King Eggroll
980 Lundy Ave
San Jose, CA. 95133
(408) 729-8307

other locations can be found on their website

This is a very popular place in the San Jose area.  There are four locations, I usually go to the one on Lundy.  I wish there was something similar to this in San Diego, but I have yet to find anything.  Each location is a small shop that serves some dim sum items, some lunch combo chinese food items, and of course: eggrolls.  This is their specialty and they sell thousands everyday.  The line is often out the door for this place, though it moves pretty fast, and most people in line are ordering trays full of these famous eggrolls.  Their eggrolls taste great, and I have yet to meet an eggroll that tastes similar.

Most of the time, I see two types of eggrolls: Eggrolls that have thick skin and contain meat and springrolls which use a thinner skin and are full of vegetables.  King Eggroll uses a thin skin, but their eggrolls are full of yummy meat and vegetables.  Each bite of the eggroll is a mouthful of crunchy skin mixed with juicy, flavorful filling.

The filling is made of pork, cabbage, carrots and vermicelli.  I believe this filling is sauteed with some black pepper, salt, and maybe some other sauce because it is very tasty.  I’ve eaten eggrolls that have a similar skin, but they don’t taste as good as King Eggroll because the filling doesn’t taste as good.

These eggrolls are super addicting.  I usually eat 3-4 at once.  I don’t know why no one in San Diego has tried to open up a similar shop.  (Though I guess it is probably better for my health that none exist in San Diego.)  The eggrolls have gone up a bit in price throughout the years, but they are still relatively cheap.  One eggroll is about  75 cents. It’s a great idea for potlucks, family events, parties, etc.

I’ve tried some of their other food items like the fried chicken and fried shrimp balls, and they are just okay.  Not a reason to go specifically to King Eggroll to eat.  The eggrolls are really the main draw here.  Another great thing is that if you have leftover eggrolls,  they still taste great later.  You can pop them in the toaster oven, and make them crispy all over again!  I just had some for dinner yesterday and I’m already missing them…

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12 comments on “King Eggroll- the best eggrolls!”

  1. Oh I forgot to mention that I lived two blocks away from the Lundy location.  I remember the enrolls used to be 50 cents.

  2. I live in the bay and I wish they would freeze uncooked ones and sell them by the 20 pack.
    I’ve been buying frozen Portos Bakery products for a couple of years already 

    Here are some Eggroll ingredients I’ve tried and I think pretty close:

    Get Eggroll wrappers (frozen section at any Ranch 99 market)
    Ground pork
    Shredded carrot
    Chopped cabbage 
    Clear vermicelli mung bean noodles 
    Tiny tiny bit of each
    fish sauce
    Garlic powder

  3. My favorite eggroll place too! Omg everytime I go visit my parents, they even know I want it. We usually get the party trays 30-40 eggrolls and I can eat about 5-6 of them. They are so good, even the next day, just put them in the oven and it crisps it right back up! I live in Pennsylvania now, so I don’t think I can find a place similar. But this just prompted me to ask my mom if she can send me some, sometime. Along with Orange sauce from La Victoria’s ?

  4. I too am from the Bay Area and live in San Diego. It kills me inside every time I have to leave. You would think its because I have to say goodbye to my family . . . Nope it’s because I have only been able to shove 16 eggrolls into my carry-on bag and won’t get more till the next year. I have spoken to them before a out opening one in San Diego but always get the same answer. The one they listed above. We should marry one of their kids and get them to move down here. With all the NorCal implants we would be heroes. Ohhh I don’t mean that just jonsin for some eggrolls.

  5. I’ll let you in on a secret. Yes, our filling is seasoned with salt, pepper, and a little something extra, but it is not sautéed before rolling. Doing so would cause the meat to become overcooked and dry. It all goes straight into the fryer as is! Also the King Eggroll brand is a family franchise and due to the fact that we do not as of yet have family in San Diego we have not been able to open up one in your location. Thanks for such a glowing review and I’m glad your experience at one of our restaurants was so positive!

    P.s. I’ll be sure to inform you when we do open new locations!

  6. Hi Mr. MrM,
    Please check out my website at I’ve never tried King egg rolls, but I am sure it is good. My most selling egg rolls is the vietnamese egg rolls. People tell me it’s the best egg rolls they had ever had. Please visit my website and give it a try. It’s very tasty and flavorful. Thank you.

  7. Hi MrM- It’s too bad Teapot Inn isn’t open anymore. I would love to try those eggrolls. The addition of water chestnuts sounds great. I love water chestnuts! If you are in San Jose, I definitely recommend trying the eggrolls. I’ll keep searching for them here in San Diego.

  8. Hi,
    Those look like the kind of Eggrolls I used to get at an old Cantonese Restaurant in Chula Vista called Teapot Inn.
    Its gone many years ago, but I agree about the taste. They were the very best!! The only thing Teapot added that’s different than this is a little chopped water chestnut that added a little sweetness and crunch.
    I always loved them! I’m glad that there is still someone out there that can make them similarly. I may have to take a trip to San Jose soon.