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King’s Hawaiian Bakery

It’s been a really long time since I’ve visited King’s Hawaiian Bakery. On my last trip to Torrance, we stopped by so I could grab some rainbow bread, guava chiffon cake and more.

There are two locations, but I prefer the King Hawaiian Bakery & Restaurant which has a bigger section of the King’s Hawaiian products. Here, you’ll find King’s Hawaiian specialty breads not available at the markets as well as their famous Paradise cake and other pastries and baked goods.

Not much had changed since our last visit a few years ago, except that the prices went up a little. But it has been a few years so that was expected.

The bread selection includes specialty items like coconut macadamia bread, jalapeno bread and their famous rainbow bread.

I love how colorful the rainbow bread is though I’ve never understood why they don’t have a sweet bread option, only a butter bread which works better for sandwiches. The colors make it seem like it will be a dessert bread or at least taste like the King Hawaiian rolls.

They also have a large selection of shortbread:

King Hawaiian is also famous for their Paradise cake, which consists of three different flavored chiffon cakes. You can buy whole Paradise cakes, or if you don’t like all the flavors, you cna get a cake with just one flavor. And if you are really looking for a bargain and don’t care for frosting, you can actually buy unfrosted cakes for much cheaper.

They also have a big selection of donuts and pastries. I love the fruit tart here but it’s so big. We once received it as a gift from a friend and really loved it.

As we were about to leave, I also saw that they have a paradise cheesecake with three different layers. I would have grabbed a slice but we had already paid for our stuff.

Oh well, next time!

They also have a restaurant section, but I’ve actually never dined there before.

King’s Hawaiian Bakery & Restaurant
2808 W Sepulveda Blvd
Torrance, CA 90505

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16 comments on “King’s Hawaiian Bakery”

  1. Just came back from the LA area and we visited Torrance. We were too full from our meal to have desert so we took it home. I must say the staff was very accommodating in wrapping our Paradise Cake for the 7 hour trip back home in an ice chest. It made it back perfectly, and so yummy. We also brought back some Rainbow Bread. Absolutely delicious! Thinking of ordering the bread to make sandwiches for our family reunion in October.

  2. Ha!

    Our wedding cake was a King’s Hawaiian Paradise cake.

    So good! All of our guests loved it too. It was a lot better than your standard cookie-cutter wedding cake!

    • Ooh, lucky! I’ve heard of a few people who had it as their wedding cake. If I lived closer, I would have chosen it as mine!

  3. The fruit tarts are really amazing btw.

    • I remember! I really wanted to get one but didn’t think it’d be very healthy for the two of us to eat an entire one.

  4. I must have the rainbow butter bread!! Do you think they ship to NC?;)

  5. I love the look of that paradise cake! So pretty!

    I’ve had this place marked on my Garmin for awhile but we are hardly ever in that area.

    My mom used to make mini sandwiches with the sweet rolls when we were young kids.

  6. I actually just got two paradise cakes for my twins bday party last week. And my friend brought another one! I’ve been eating leftovers all week.

    Btw, their food is pretty good should tryit out next time 🙂

  7. All the delicious bread, cake, and donuts are making me hungry! Did you get a paradise cake?

    • I did not. I did get a small guava chiffon unfrosted cake though. Guava is my favorite flavor of the three in the paradise cake.

  8. I haven’t been here in ages, either; Torrance is really out of the way for me. Their other restaurant is much smaller but right off the freeway, but the bakery doesn’t have the large selection.

    • Yeah, when I go to LA I don’t usually go to Torrance. It’s a whole separate trip! There were some places I had been wanting to check out in Torrance so we did a whole Torrance day a few weeks back.