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Kit Kat flavors from Japan

As you may recall, I have an obsession with collecting and tasting various Kit Kat flavors from Japan which offers hundreds of flavors, some specific to a certain region, some produced as limited edition ones, and a few new flavors that come out every year.

At the start of the New Year is when you’ll usually see a few new limited edition ones or new flavors. Some can be found at the various Japanese markets like Marukai (check Marukai Value if they are sold at at the Marukai supermarket), Mitsuwa, and Nijiya. Some sadly, can only be found in Japan.

I’ve recently tried out a few more new ones from frequent visits to the Japanese markets mentioned above and also order some direct from Japan through J-List.

Matcha Sakura

I got these very recently from Marukai Value (also saw them at Nijiya) after a tip from SDFoodTrucks who had visited after I gave them a tip about finding Strawberry Cake ones.

I’ve had matcha in the past, but I was curious of the addition of Sakura flavor. These were quite sweet and I honestly couldn’t taste the sakura blossoms. I do love the packaging though.

Strawberry Cake

I bought these a few weeks ago from Nijiya. And I have to say, they taste remarkably like strawberry cake. Not just like strawberries, but actually like a white cake batter mixed with strawberries.


These are limited edition ones from Japan which I bought from Jlist. A surprising flavor since cinnamon is rarely used in Asian cooking. These kit kats had little crunchy bits embedded inside, like cinnamon crystals. These did taste mildly of cinnamon, the brown kind, not the spicy one. I liked the crunch of the little crystals.

Almond tofu

Another limited edition flavor from Japan. Tastes very much like the almond tofu dessert.



I blogged about these before, but here they are in a limited edition box.


I wasn’t as much of a fan of this one. Too sweet and I don’t particularly love cheesecake.

Black Honey

This one was quite sweet but you could taste a little bit of the black honey which tasted like molasses.


This is one of my favorites, along with green tea, and milk tea.

That’s all for now. I’m hoping one day to taste them all. I’m envisioning a trip trekking through Japan in search for all these kit kats. πŸ˜‰ You can read my past kit kat posts here and here.

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21 comments on “Kit Kat flavors from Japan”

  1. Hi! Great post πŸ™‚

    I’ve tried nearly 80 flavours over the past 5 years or so since first discovering them on a trip to Japan. Check them out!

    Your photography is a bit nicer than mine πŸ˜‰

  2. I own a International Candy store in Colorado, USA and recently I have a lot of people looking for different kinds of kit kats.
    Is there a online store that I can order a bunch of flavors for a good price??

    • Sorry I have no idea. I buy them from Japanese markets and from J-list. I don’t know what their sources are.

  3. Kit kat’s are our favorite ! We love getting these every time we go grocery shopping

  4. I like Kit Kats but all these different flavors blow my mind! Not sure I can handle savory ones (cheese???) but that strawberry one, yeah!

    • I wasn’t fond of the cheese one but I like all the others. Strawberry one is yummy. A few of them are super sweet and you can’t taste anything else. Last time I checked Nijiya they still had the strawberry ones available.

  5. Ooh fun!! There’s a few here that I’ve never tried before, what a great assortment!

  6. I have to thank you again for letting me try them! I didn’t expect to like the wasabi so much (I never add it to anything myself), but I think it may have ended up being my favorite.

    • I’m not a fan of wasabi in general either. I hate it in my sushi and don’t particularly like it as a flavor for snacks. But somehow I find the sugar and the wasabi work and I liked the wasabi flavored ones too.

  7. Haha yeah I didn’t know until we went there this past summer – but if you’re also planning on going to different cities in Japan, definitely swing by a couple convenient stores in each city because sometimes different convenient stores carry different flavors of Kit Kats. πŸ™‚

    • I definitely don’t have time to visit all of Japan, just maybe 2 or 3 cities, so I will definitely keep this in mind. Thanks!

  8. The pastel colored ones look so pretty! I had a cheese flavored Kit Kat before (not cheesecake), and it was kind of gross. I didn’t like the smell.

    That black honey flavor sounds intriguing. I like the different flavors at the Japanese stores; they’re just so expensive though!

    • Yeah they are expensive! A few bags can really run up my grocery bill =( I had a cheese flavor one too. It was sort of bizarre. My mind and tastebuds were confused. Not my favorite. I like pastel colors too!

  9. Would you believe I actually tried the Matcha Latte flavor? I thought it was pretty good. Picked it up at the same place. I remember seeing a Dark chocolate flavor at Mitsuwa not so long ago. I’m sure they still carry it.

    • I’ve seen the dark chocolate one there a lot. I always get it when it’s available. I tried the matcha latte but I didn’t see it at Mitsuwa. I got it off Jlist. I like it but I prefer the matcha without the latte because the latte version is a little too sweet fo rme.

  10. I never knew! I have a lot of coworkers from Japan, maybe I can get them to bring some back for me when they go!

  11. You don’t need to trek through ALL of Japan to buy them. πŸ™‚ If you go to Tokyo and go to (I think it was) the central JR/bullet train station, there is a small “specialty” shop that sells special foods and desserts from all the different regions in Japan. There were definitely a lot of Kit Kat flavors there.

    • Oh that’s really good to know. I knew some are specific to a region so I didn’t know if they are available elsewhere. I plan on going to Japan next year, so this is good information.

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