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I recently was one of the lucky Foodbuzz members to have an opportunity to create a free photobook through Kodak Gallery.

It took me a while to decide what I wanted my photobook to feature. I decided to use the photobook to highlight some of the best moments of my year so far, including my engagement, favorite meals, recipes, etc.

The program is pretty easy to use. Once you upload all your photos, you can start arranging them in an album. You can always add more photos at any time, and it’s easy to drop and drag photos to different pages of your album. You can view each page of the album and see how it will look. And for each page, there are many different options for backgrounds and photo layouts.

I really liked the layout options because it allowed me to arrange the photos in a more artistic way rather than just place them side to side. You can make your own custom layout, or for the creatively impaired (like me), they give you several layout options you can choose from.

The layout options include doing different sizes for the photos, arranging them at different angles, etc. You can also add text, background, borders, the options are pretty endless.

While this process was pretty easy, I spent so much time on it that I actually didn’t finalize and place my order until this past Sunday! I can’t wait to receive it, and assuming the results look like what I saw on screen, I would love to use this program again to create an album for my mom and to create my wedding album.

Right now, Kodak is offering a deal to my readers. Kodak Gallery is providing an exclusive 40% off offer for their albums, which can be redeemed at anytime before 8/31/11.

When I receive my photobook, I’ll update this post with some pictures of the finished product.

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