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Korean dumplings

Green is one of my favorite colors.  (I often wonder if my love of green tea is based in large part on my love for the color green.)  Lately, when shopping at the Korean market Zion, I’ve noticed they offer a lot of food colored green with chlorophyll: green noodles, green dumplings, etc.

I already love dumplings, and seeing them in green make them look even more appealing to me.  Zion has been giving samples of their green dumplings on my last few visits and I decided to buy some.  I’m usually not too crazy about frozen dumplings.  I prefer the taste of homemade ones.  But I enjoyed the ones sold at Zion (maybe the green color added to its appeal).  After cooking them, I thought they were so pretty that I had to snap a picture.

Chinese New Years is coming soon, and I plan on making some homemade
chinese dumplings as part of my yearly tradition, which I will be
blogging about!

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4 comments on “Korean dumplings”

  1. I was planning on making them before New Year also! But then I kept running out of time. So it kept getting put off and then I finally decided I’ll just wait for Chinese New Year because I always make them for New Year.

  2. I boiled these ones. I was planning on pan frying and then got lazy. I haven’t tried the Happy restaurant yet, but I am definitely planning on it. I’ve been wanting to try for a while and after going to the food court in San Jose, I definitely want to go now. I’ll be sure to try the dumplings!
    Hehee, it’s funny when we are all thinking the same thing.

  3. OMG. I think you, Carol, and me are all on same wavelength or something! I’m also wanting to make dumplings for Chinese New Yr! We should all compare recipes 🙂
    I haven’t bought frozen dumplings in a while. But I did notice that Zion carries quite a few of them. Did steam these?
    Have you tried that one restaurant in Zion’s food court? Happy Family something? They have THE biggest fried dumplings EVER! Really yummy – filled w/ lots of chives. You should try it out sometime. I think it’s called Happy something restaurant…
    Can’t wait to see your homemade dumpling blog 🙂

  4. Those green dumplings are pretty! We must be channeling the same dumpling wave since I’ve been thinking about making them even before Chinese New Year. Can’t wait to see your post on Chinese dumplings.