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Kraft Three Cheese Chicken Florentine and a Giveaway

As I alluded to in my first post on Kraft Recipe Makers, in addition to sharing some of my experiences using this new Kraft product, I also have a great giveaway, sponsored by Kraft and BlogHer: a $100 Visa gift card!

Also in addition to my step by step photos, I am also providing you with a video tutorial for this Three Cheese Chicken Florentine dish.

Kraft Recipe Makers is a new product that layers two different complimentary sauces to create a homemade dish. Complex dishes are made easier with the pre-made sauces provided by Kraft, combined with fresh ingredients for a healthy, home cooked meal.

There are currently 9 featured recipes in the product line (though for each one, there are additional recipe alternatives), and three different cooking methods: skillet, oven and slow cooker.

Last time I experimented with a skillet recipe, so this time I decided to showcase an oven recipe. When you read oven, you might think this recipe will take a lot more time, but the whole thing is ready in just about 30 minutes!

The box provided two sauces, a simmer sauce and a cheese blend. All you need to provide are a few ingredients: chicken, baby spinach, pasta, and mozzarella cheese.

The back of the box provides easy instructions as well as other recipe alternatives.

First you boil and drain the pasta.

Next, you cook your chicken in a skillet until all the pieces are cooked all the way through.

Then, you add in Kraft’s simmer sauce and allow the chicken to simmer in the sauce for about 2-3 minutes.

After that, you put your pasta back into the pot, add in your spinach and Kraft’s cheese sauce and give it a stir.

Then you pour your pasta mixture into a prepared casserole dish.

Pour the chicken on top.

Finally, sprinkle some mozzarella cheese and then it’s ready to go in the oven. You heat it for about 15 minutes, or until the dish is heated all the way through, and it’s ready to eat.


You can also check out the video tutorial here (this is my first attempt, so sorry if it isn’t the best):

This recipe also gave me a chance to break out these cute individual serving pots, which also helps keep the food warm.

Mr. K really enjoyed this and immediately asked if there was more. You can read more about Kraft Recipe Makers here.

Now onto the giveaway. One lucky reader will be chosen to win a $100 visa gift card. BlogHer and Kraft will be choosing the winner and then contact me for the winner’s information. To enter, answer the following: What could you do with these sauces for a weeknight dinner? Share your own recipe inspired by Kraft Recipe Makers sauces.



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This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older.

Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. You have 72 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.

The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 9/9/13 – 10/27/13.


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186 comments on “Kraft Three Cheese Chicken Florentine and a Giveaway”

  1. I think I would mix the two sauces together and put them on as a pizza sauce with pepperoni, cheese, basil, fresh thyme, oregano, and possibly some caramelized shallots!

  2. I’d make the chicken alfredo w/roasted veggies 🙂

  3. I would attempt to try and recreat my dad’s chicken cacciatore which I remember having corn, tomatoes, pasta and more in it. he use to make it for me all the time until it seemed every time he did,my pacemaker (had that at an early age) quit working so he quit making it for me. It was so good, I loved it

  4. I would use the Sweet & Sour Chicken mix to make stir fry shrimp!

  5. I would cook my pasta bake with three meats.

  6. i would make the Shrimp Puttanesca recipe it would be really good
    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  7. The Chicken Brushcetta Pasta would be great but served with fish.

  8. The New England Pot Roast sauce would allow me to cook a whole meal in my slow cooker while I’m at work. Dinner could be on the table in just minutes after I get home. Leftovers would work great for taco or burrito filling or as the basis for a great soup.

  9. I recently discovered the fake beef tips that Gardein makes and they are DELICIOUS! I am looking forward to trying them in all the meals I used to make when I was a meat-eater. That said, I would love to try them using the Beef Burgundy recipe and the New England Pot Roast sauce!

  10. I would like to try the stuffed peppers, and would use their recipe. My mother never prepared this dish and I’ve never had great success

  11. I’d probably use the sweet & sour chicken one, but with tofu and veggies – fry it all up in a pan and go to town! yum!

  12. I’d make a pasta bake with fall veggies.

  13. I have used the Hickory BBq Beef sauces with a pork roast in the crock pot. I shredded it, put it on a Hawaiian roll, then also put cole slaw on the sandwich. Yummy!

  14. I’d make chicken cacciatore

  15. I would make the Chicken Cacciatore and add mushrooms.

  16. I’d use the 3 cheese sauce to make enchiladas.

  17. This recipe looks yummy.I would like to try it!

  18. I would love to try the New England Pot Roast sauce 🙂

  19. I would use the Tex-Mex Chicken Fajita variety to pep up my Caldo De Pollo.

  20. Because we like Chinese food but my hubby doesn’t like chicken, I’d use the Sweet & Sour Chicken recipe maker with either pork or shrimp.

  21. I would try chicken tacos.

  22. I would use the vedre chicken enchilada sauce in my Chicken Cassorole enchilada recipe

  23. I’d use the sesame ginger for our Thai fusion fried rice.

    ky2here at msn dot com

  24. I would make roast beef subs with the new england pot roast recipe maker.

  25. 3 cheese sauce sounds amazing!!

  26. I’d make chicken alfredo

  27. I would like to try the New England Pot Roast and make a roast,potato,carrots and yummy gravy in my crock pot

  28. I could use the Tex Mex recipe maker with a couple of my mexican dishes to make them even easier to make.

  29. I would make taco casserole. Brown one pound of ground beef, add one can of chilli beans, one packet of KRAFT RECIPE MAKERS Tex-Mex Fajita Skillet mix, simmer 5 minutes, line a casserole dish with frito corn chips, pour the meat mixture over the top, add a layer of sour cream, top with green onions, chopped tomato, sprinkle Kraft shredded cheese over the top and bake 15 minutes at 350 degrees.

  30. I would make a layered pasta casserole with the three cheese chicken florentine kit.

  31. I’d use the chicken bruschetta pasta recipe maker to simply our romano-encrusted bruschetta pasta dinner- a family fav!

  32. I would use the Chicken Bruschetta Pasta sauce over some spaghetti squash – maybe with some white beans instead of the chicken and definitely with some caramelized onions mixed in.

  33. I would use the Kraft Recipe Makers to make lasagna. It would spice up the recipe I normally use.

  34. sween n sour chicken with some veggies

  35. I would make the verde chicken enchilada’s my husband and boys would go crazy for that one I bet. thanks for the chance to win [email protected]

  36. I would try to use the tomato sauce for a chicken parm and then lay that on top of some nooodles with the parmesan sauce.

  37. My family would love fajitas!

  38. I would like to try to make my mac and cheese a little more special with their Three Cheese Florentine Recipe Maker… maybe add some bacon? Im still new to cooking so Im not too creative or fancy yet lol

  39. The lemon oregano sauce in the Chicken Cacciatore could also be used for grilled greek chicken breasts sprinkled with feta. I’d use the other sauce on pasta to serve with it.

  40. I’d make Sweet and Sour chicken but I’d substitute shrimp. I’d add sugar snap peas and pineapple and serve over rice.

  41. I could use the verde chicken enchilada one to add a different flavor to my own enchilada recipe.

  42. I wan to try the Verde Nacho Casserole with the Verde Chicken Enchiladas Sauce.

  43. I’d like to try using the Three Cheese Chicken Florentine to make some sort of lasagna

  44. I would use for chicken marinara and add fresh tomatoes and green peppers from my garden.

  45. My fave is Korean bim bim bop and would use the sauces to “live’en ” it up with taste.

  46. I would make a recipe I have for peppers, chicken and gnocchi
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  47. The weather is getting cooler and I’m in the mood for comfort food. I would make the New England pot roast. Set it up before work on the crock pot and dinner fast and easy on the week night!

  48. tweet–

  49. I would use the sweet and sour chicken recipe makers to make some sweet and sour meatballs.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  50. I love your chicken Florentine. I think I would use these sauces for a jazzed up mushroom lasagna. Sounds perfect with the ease of these sauces on weeknight meals. Thanks for sharing. Love your video.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  51. I would like to use a beef roast to make the New England Pot Roast again. I have already tried this sauce. My family gave it thumbs up.

  52. The dish above looks delicious! I would make some sort of stir fry! The possibilities are endless 😀

  53. I would love to try to sweet and sour chicken recipe! Add in broccoli and mushrooms too (’cause I love to stir fry them) 🙂

  54. With this specific sauce I could whip up a batch of seared sausage gravy on a week night in minutes and serve with pita bread!

  55. I’d get a bunch of different sauces and then throw a pasta party with something like a pasta bar.

  56. I would use the sweet and sour chicken on some veggie stir fry with diced up chicken

  57. I would make chicken florentine.

  58. I would make a spicy baked penne with extra cheese!

  59. I would make Tex Mex Chicken Fajita Nacho casserole.

  60. The Three Cheese Chicken Enchilada, then I’d definitely want the fish tacos, I love Asian foods, oh wait, I love Italian, Mexican, OK it is just all good. Anything made by Kraft is quality you can count on–these Recipe Makers are so great for giving my family a variety of good hearty & healthy meals.

  61. Shrimp with Creamy Tomato Sauce sound yummy

  62. Looks yummy!

  63. Sweet and sour chicken and veggies with sprouted brown rice, yum!

  64. I am not a very inventive cook so I would follow a recipe in the box and try it out.

  65. this is the recipe i would like making – it looks soooo good

  66. I’d probably just make some pasta with TJ’s meatless meatballs. I’m out of the house for 16 hours a day, so nighttime meals are pretty pathetic on weekdays.

  67. I would make Sweet & Sour Meatballs along with spaghetti and garlic bread!

  68. I would make egg rolls. Making egg rolls at home has been on my mind for a long time now!

  69. I would make a baked mac and cheese with the Three Cheese Chicken Florentine.

  70. i would make backed ziti

  71. Potato tortellini in one of those sauces with parmesan cheese on top!

  72. I’d dress up some macaroni and vegetable saute!

  73. I’d use this to jazz up my chicken and veggie stir fry.

  74. I would make chicken verde enchiladas

  75. I’d add the sauce to my pasta white bean and spinach dish.
    Thank you.

  76. we love chicken. I’d make Three Cheese Chicken Florentine

  77. I would make veggie lasagne

  78. I’d load up on some honey bbq beef sandwiches with a side of chips

  79. Asian fish taco sauce looks good with seafood

  80. I would make a cheesy chicken Florentine with pasta

  81. I could tweak my old enchilada recipe with the verde enchilada sauce! A new, tasty spin on my old classic 🙂

  82. I would make chicken enchiladas

  83. I’d use the New England Pot Roast Sauce to make a crockpot beef stroganoff! Thanks.

  84. I think I would use it as a base with noodles.

  85. I love my hearty Corn pudding( it’s a casserole from colonial times),though I think it could be even yummier if I added the Kraft Three Cheese sauce as a topping.

  86. I would use the Tex Mex Chicken fajitas to make some awesome fajitas!!
    [email protected]

  87. I’d use it in a casserole. 🙂

  88. I think anything with an asian flavor (asian fish tacos box) to it works so well with salmon. I would marinade the salmon for about an hour in the fridge (not longer because then it starts to actually cook) and place it on the grill for some smokey flavor. I would add some sauteed julienne veggies (yellow, green and red bell peppers as well as carrots and some mushrooms) to soba noodles as a side dish for the meal adding some of the marinade to the noodles to complement the fish.

  89. I would use the Verde Nacho Casserole and add chicken breast
    to it with fresh tomatoes.

  90. I would make sweet and sour turkey meatballs served over rice.

  91. I would make chicken primavera.

  92. I would make chicken meatballs and pasta with the chicken bruschetta pasta kit

  93. I would love to try the Sweet and Sour Chicken. I’d add in green & red bell peppers and water chestnuts and serve it ontop of rice. Thanks so much.

  94. I would use the sauces to make lasagna.
    [email protected]

  95. veggie black bean enchiladas with the three cheese sauce – oh yes please!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  96. I do shells with sauteed garlic, black olives, and tuna.

  97. I’d make vegetable lasagna with sauteed garlic, onions, mushrooms, spinach, and Parmigiano Reggiano.

  98. I want to make Hickory BBQ Beef

  99. I’d like to use one of the beef recipe makers (hickory or pot roast) in the crock pot.

  100. -

  101. I would make Sweet & Sour Meatballs and serve with steamed rice
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  102. add some chicken thighs stick it in the oven for some good chicken parm

  103. I’d love to try the New England Pot Roast Kraft Recipe Maker to spice up my pot roast.

  104. I would use these sauces to make a ground sausage lasagne with alternating sauce layers. 🙂

  105. I would use the Asian Fish Taco pack to make a baked tilapia!

  106. I would love to try the Three Cheese Chicken Enchiladas. Mine sure lack something in comparison. This version looks much better.


  107. I always enjoy a nice chicken dish. Add these sauces, and some pasta and extra cheese and I’m in heaven.

  108. I would buy canned biscuits and smash them down to little pizza, Then put the sauce on top with kraft shredded cheese and top it with the chicken and serve as a football snack or after school snack!

  109. Mmm, this recipe made my mouth water! I’d love to try the Sweet N’ Sour Chicken sauce with rice for my family!

  110. I’d use the Three Cheese Chicken Florentine and add some extras like zucchini, mushrooms, and olives.

  111. I think I would use the Chicken Enchilada variety to make a cornbread casserole

  112. I would love to make some chicken enchiladas and some baked taquitos

  113. I’d want to make what you made because it looks soooooo good and I love chicken and spinach! I’d also be up for trying verde chicken enchilada recipe if I had to pick a different mix!

  114. I would try the New England Pot Roast mix to make a great meal on a school and work night!

  115. I’ll go outside the box…maybe a pot pie?

  116. asian fish tacos. I do love fish and tacos

  117. I think I could make a delicious manicotti with these sauces. Yum!

  118. i love the sweet and sour chicken, its so good with a lot of pineapple

  119. I would start off with the Asian Fish Taco and put a little spin on it. I would prepare the tilapia fillets with the baking sauce and panko breading as described in the recipe. I would put this in the baking pan atop some uncooked rice, fresh vegetables I have on hand and the finishing sauce. Bake until complete and enjoy. =)

  120. I would make sweet & sour shrimp with a side of rice.

  121. I would use the sauces with tortellini.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  122. I would make a lasagna with eggplant and zucchini noodles.

  123. I love the Asian Fish Tacos Recipe Maker. I would probably want to try the sauces in the recipe suggested in the back first because Asian Fish Tacos sound delicious. Then, I’d probably try experimenting and use the baking sauce as a marinade for salmon, grill or broil the salmon and then use the finishing sauce with some mayo/sour cream/greek yogurt to make a dressing for a salad to go with the salmon.

  124. I would use these sauces for a vegetarian lasagna!

  125. I would make baked penne with vegetables

  126. Looks great! I would love to try this flavor with tuna – sort of a twist on tuna casserole :o)

  127. tweet–

  128. I would make turkey sausage lasagna, one of my mother’s recipes.

  129. I would use the hickory BBQ to make version of my mother’s BBQ beef over rice. It combines leftover roast beef, onion and celery. And is served over rice

  130. I would use the New England post roast one on some cubed beef

  131. I’d substitute the chicken with fish(either Swai fillet or Salmon)
    or shrimp. That should make a delicious seafood pasta dish.

  132. I’d make the three cheese chicken florentine, but try to make it a bit healthier with some whole wheat penne, extra spinach, and some fresh tomatoes.

  133. I would use the asian fish tacos pack to make a stir fry!

  134. the Asian fish taco recipe looked really good! i would definitely try that one.

  135. The Asian fish tacos pack sounds like it would be a wonderful baked (or fried) egg roll. The baking sauce could be use to flavor any protein that goes into the egg roll and the finishing sauce would be used to dip. I’d probably do a baked tofu with bean sprouts and shredded carrots.

  136. That looks really yummy. I’ve actually never made chicken florentine before. I really liked the video tutorial, too! I’d be most interested in the hickory BBQ beef recipe maker since I could set the roast in my slow cooker during the day, and then finish it up when I get home from work. For a twist on the recipe, I’d try adding the BBQ beef to mac and cheese!