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I’ve heard many people raving about Korean fried chicken. The chicken is twice fried to create a very crispy skin. I love chicken wings and so I’ve wanted to try Korean fried chicken for a long time.

A location popped up in San Diego a few months ago, BBQ Chicken, but the reviews have not been very good. I decided to wait and try it from the most buzzed source: Kyochon. Since we had the long weekend, the fiancee and I decided to take a quick impromptu trip to Los Angeles, and before coming home, we stopped by Kyochon.

Inside, the restaurant setting is like your typical no frills fast food joint. Water, cups and silverware are to your right, you order up front and take a seat. Large signs advertised that you can text in your order if you don’t want to wait.

We ordered the “signature” wings which have two flavors you can choose from:  garlic soy and spicy. We got half spicy, half garlic soy. The wings are made to order so there is a bit of wait time.

Once the wings arrived, we quickly dug in, starting with the garlic soy ones. I had my nice dslr camera but opted not to take it out to snap these photos. I wish I had to properly capture these wings.

I absolutely loved the garlic soy wings. The skin was so crispy. The twice fried technique does wonders for the wings. It keeps them from getting soggy even though they are dipped in a sauce, and it makes the skin extra crispy. The skin feels almost snappy as you chew it, a description I”ve read on other blogs which really does describe the texture of the thin, crispy skin. In addition, the wings are fried in a manner so that no chunks of fat remain on the skin. I hate the large chunks of fat that are often present on chicken wing skins. All you are left with is thin, crispy skin and chicken meat. The garlic soy flavor was also quite pleasant. I wasn’t sure I would enjoy it but I did.

Next we tried the spicy ones. I was surprised by how spicy these were as most places dumb down the spice. They were too spicy for the fiancee. I was able to handle the spice, but I enjoyed the garlic soy ones much better.

We loved the wings so much, we got some to go. They came in these really cute bags.

An order of 10 wings is $8.99, which is a little on the expensive side, but in my opinion, worth it. These wings deserve all their hype. If Kyochon was in San Diego I’d be there every weekend.

3833 W 6th St,
Los Angeles, CA 90020
multiple locations in LA

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  1. Hey Kirbie,

    If you want to go to a good Korean chicken wing place, check out Thang Thang just off Convoy St. Its your typical Korean hangout place for drinking (Flavored Yogurt Soju), but their wings are pretty good and this style. In fact, they are known for their Korean style wings. Check it out.


  2. Oh Thang Thang is right next to Dae Jeung Keum which is where I go for dolsot bibimbap when I’m in SD. I never went to Thang Thang but was always curious about it.

    Kyochon is the bomb for KFC (Korean Fried Chicken). Their spicy made me cry (surprisingly) so I tend not to order that anymore but their garlic soy is sooooooo delicious.

    • I was really surprised how spicy the spicy one was. I was barely able to eat it. Oh I haven’t tried Dae Jeung Keum either. I love bibimbap. Another place to add to my list

  3. Those wings look delicious. I’ve tried double frying at home and the skin really gets crispy and stays crispy, even reheated the next day. I wonder what kind of hot sauce Kyochon uses on the spicy wings.

    • I should try double frying sometime. I usually only fry once so they don’t get that crispy. I didn’t check to see if these wings stayed crispy the next day because they didn’t last that long. Not sure what they use for the hot sauce. I’m curious too. Once you got around the burning sensation, I did sort of like it. It tasted like there was depth to the flavor and not just using something to make you cry.

  4. I gots so much love for KyoChon 🙂 Glad you loved it too.

  5. OMG my daughter lived 1/2 block from Kyochon and when I would visit from San Diego I had to have the honey wings. Please update co.ments on anything close in San Diego. I was telling my Filipino trainer about it today When we were talking about lumpia and decided I wanted to bring him some Kyochon. I thought I would check to see if there was a amazing Korean fried chicken place in San Diego. That is how I found your review.

    • I wish we had something like Kyochon! Cross Street Chicken just opened and they serve korean fried chicken but I don’t think it’s as good as Kyochon.

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