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Lady M Cake Boutique

photo of the outside of Lady M Cake Boutique

Lady M is a bakery chain originally from NYC that is famous for their crêpes cakes, which have more than 20 layers of handmade crêpes. They have several outlets in New York, one in Los Angeles, and a few in Asia.

I’ve seen many pictures of their desserts and so during our last LA trip, we finally got a chance to try the famous crêpes cake.

Lady M Mille Crêpes
photo of a slice of Lady M Mille Crêpes
Of course we had to have a slice of their original cake. It’s amazing how many layers of paper thin crêpe are in one cake and I imagine it’s a long process to put together. There are supposed to be at least 20 layers of handmade crêpes per cake. In between each crêpe layer is a light pastry cream.

When eaten together, this basically tasted like dozens of crêpes stacked together. I’m not sure why I expected it to taste more cake-like. However, according to my friend who was with us and has had it before, he thinks we got a bad batch because he says that usually the crêpes are more fluffy and cake-like, with the crêpes almost melting into one, rather than being able to taste all the individual layers. But on our visit, it just tasted like stacked crêpes and I felt the crêpes were a little dry.

Green Tea Mille Crêpes
photo of a slice of Green Tea Mille Crêpes
I was also looking forward to trying the green tea version since I adore green tea. This pretty much tasted just like the original, except with green tea pastry green. Again, so pretty, but the taste was a little underwhelming. It tasted of slightly stale crepes and a lot of cream.

Gâteau aux Marrons
photo of a slice of Gâteau aux Marrons
We also tried a slice of almond flour cake, piped with chestnut infused cream. This, actually, was my favorite of the three we ordered. The cake had a light, airy, and delicate feel to it. The chestnut cream was subtle and pleasant, reminding me of roasting chestnuts in the winter.
photo of an iced coffee with cream being added
To wash off our sweets, we ordered some Stumptown Cold Brew. I love Stumptown’s bottles and our fridge is always stocked with a few of these as well as their nitro version. I’ve been obsessed with getting the perfect iced coffee pour shot. I think this one turned out pretty well.
photo of a glass and a bottle of  Stumptown Cold Brew
Overall, I was slightly disappointed by the signature Mille Crêpes cake. After seeing so many beautiful photographs, I was sure I’d love it but didn’t. However, I would try them on another occasion, just to see if maybe we got unlucky on our visit. The other cakes are quite beautiful as well and I can see this being a good place to pick up a birthday or celebratory cake.

Lady M Cake Boutique
8718 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

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6 comments on “Lady M Cake Boutique”

  1. I felt the same way!!! I had Lady M in NY and my thoughts were that it just tasted like crepes and A LOT of cream. Sort of gummy but really heavy too and not very sweet. I’m also not a fan of too much whipped cream on anything so I should have expected it going in…

    • I actually enjoy whipped cream, but I found this to be too much too. I’ve heard some really great stuff about this place though, so I think maybe sometimes it comes out more like a fluffy cake and sometimes more like cold crepes and cream.

  2. Those layered cakes look so cool and spectacular but too bad yours was dry. Maybe it was a bad batch or something.  Great shot of the cream hitting the cold brew. Stumptown is one of my favorite brands of coffee. 🙂

  3. Looks like a stack of thin cold pancakes-no thanks. appreciate your reviews!

    • Not quite pancakes. I think when it’s made right they are supposed to be light and fluffy, but ours weren’t. oh well.

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