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Lapperts Additional Pictures

So on my original post on Lapperts, found here, I didn't have any pictures and promised you guys some pictures next time Boyfriend went to get me ice cream. Well, as promised, here are the pictures he took from the store.  Unfortunately, due to the way the ice cream is displayed in the freezer behind the glass, he wasn't really able to get good pictures of the ice cream.

Here's the menu:

Here is this giant sprinkles machine they have in the store.  Though I've never actually seen it be used…

Ice cream display.  The one towards the right are the more traditional flavors and some sorbets.  The one on the left are the more Hawaiian flavors like coconut, macadamia nut, and kona coffee.

Here are some close-ups:

Finally, here is the dole whip.  It's usually taller and creamier looking.  This is a picture I took of it after it had been sitting in my freezer.  The layers have melted a bit, making it look smaller, and it's gotten a bit icier on the outside.  The inside is still smooth and creamy though.

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