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Ranch 99 Bakery- Fresh mango birthday cake

Bakery inside Ranch 99 market
7330 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, #112
San Diego, CA
(858) 565-7799

I really enjoy asian birthday cakes.  The texture is soft and light,, the flavor isn't too sweet and instead of using frosting, they use a lighter, whipped cream-like mixture to frost their cakes.  The bakery inside Ranch 99 in San Diego actually makes pretty good cakes that are beautifully decorated.  Every year, Boyfriend gets me a cake from Ranch 99 for my birthday. 

Usually we get the taro cake, as I love the color purple and I love taro.  Last year we also tried the mango mousse, which is very good.  Rich with mango flavor, but still manages to be light and not too sweet. This year I debated for a long time on what cake to get.  Do I stick with my traditional taro or the mango mousse which I also enjoy?  Or do I try something new?

The cake with fresh mangos caught my eye. I love mangos.  So after hemming and hawing for the longest time, I decided to go for the cake made with fresh mango.

The cake is beautifully decorated.  The top has very thin curls of white chocolate. It also has grapes, strawberries and a canned peach in the middle.  I thought it was strange that they didn't put any mangos on top.

Inside is a white cake base, with layers of mango pieces and more of the whipped cream type frosting.  I don't know why I didn't take a picture of my slice of cake.  I thought the taste was okay, but not my favorite out of the asian cakes I've had.  There was a lot of whipped cream inside and it overpowered the mangos.  I enjoy the taro and the mango mousse better. Oh well. Now I know for next time.

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One comment on “Ranch 99 Bakery- Fresh mango birthday cake”

  1. WOW I really love cakes. The design was so beautiful and yummy!
    Bruce Yuan

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