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Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

A lot of blogs have been publishing posts on Holiday gift ideas. I’ve actually found them super useful for things to add to my Christmas list.

I know it’s pretty late, but hopefully not too late, especially with a lot of places offering expedited shipping. This weekend I perused through my kitchen to see which of my kitchen gadgets and cake pans I love and use the most and wanted to share them with you. Perhaps they will be ideas for a gift for someone, or for yourself. Hopefully next year I’ll get my act together sooner and publish a more extensive list, including cutesy gifts, etc.

My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

Escali Promo Digital Scale

So many recipes I come across give ingredient measurements in weight. This scale has been a lifesaver and costs less than $20. It’s hard to find conversions sometimes for a recipe you want to check out and it’s much easier to just buy a scale. As an added bonus, this is great for weighing packages you need to ship out too.

Catskill Pastry Board

If you’re working with dough, this pastry board is so very helpful. Not only is it a sturdy block of wood, but it also has measurements on the board, so you know exactly how much to roll out your dough, etc. I love my board and use it all the time.

Cherry Chomper

Okay so technically this device has a pretty limited use: pitting cherries. But it’s so freaking adorable and it works! And I happen to make a lot of cherry recipes during cherry season so I put it to good use then. The rest of the year, it makes my kitchen more cheerful.

Apple Corer and Divider

If you like your apples sliced, this device is ingenious. One swoop and your apples are perfectly sliced and cored. Such a time saver! I’ve been using mine for years.

Cuisinart Mixer

I know it seems like every baker in the world owns a Kitchenaid. When I decided to invest in an electric stand mixer, I did a ton of research. While I was uneasy not purchasing a Kitchenaid, I ultimately chose the Cuisinart Mixer because maybe people commented that it worked great for kneading bread, whereas sometimes the Kitchenaid will burn out. I haven’t used a Kitchenaid for comparison, but I love my Cuisinart Mixer. I use it for everything and it really does work great for kneading dough.


Favorite Bakeware

Nordic Ware Heritage Bundt Pan

I have an insane collection of Nordic Ware bakeware, but for making bundt cakes my favorite is the Heritage Pan. Cakes come out so elegant in this design.

Brownie Edge pan

My family always fights over the corner pieces of brownies because they have that hard, chewy edge. This pan solved our problems. And we’ve become so used to having every brownie piece with edges that the few times we’ve opted to bake brownies in a regular pan, no one wanted to eat the brownies!

Nordic Ware Rose Muffin Pan

Muffins look so much prettier shaped as roses! I love using this pan for cupcakes, muffins, or anything else I want individual portions of.

Seashell Cakelets pan

This is another pan I use quite often. Even a simple cake mix cake can look so much nicer when baked into these bite-sized seashell shapes. And seashells really never go out of season. I love using this pan when I’m making a dessert for a potluck.

Mini Donut Pan

You know how much I love mini donuts. They are oh-so-cute. I’ve used my pan countless times to make adorable small baked donuts.  One pan costs less than $10, so it is definitely worth the money in my opinion.


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