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Little Caesars Soft Pretzel Crust Pizza

Little Caesars recently debuted a Soft Pretzel Crust Pepperoni Pizza. I usually see a lot of advertisements before these new items come out, but I surprisingly didn’t hear anything about this one until I started seeing reviews.

The reviews I read were pretty positive and at only $6 a pie, I thought it was worth a try.

When I first opened my box, I was disappointed in the appearance. With a quick glance, it does look like a soft pretzel crust, but it was quite flat, with the crust edges barely rising above the rest of the pizza. I imagined something puffier.

My crust was also uneven in appearance. One side looked very much like a soft pretzel, but the other half of the pizza had a much more wrinkled crust that didn’t look anything like a soft pretzel.

When you bite in, you get the flavors of Little Caesar’s regular pepperoni pizza, except that they’ve added a layer of cheddar cheese. I actually thought this was quite clever, since soft pretzels are often dipped in a nacho cheese sauce.

When I got to the crust, I found that it did indeed taste like a soft pretzel, despite its flat appearance. I even tasted it without the salt crystals and it still tasted like soft pretzel.

Overall, while the initial appearance of the pizza had me worried, I actually felt like Little Caesars did a pretty good job on delivering on their product. I’ve been pretty disappointed with a lot of the new promotions this year by fast food chains but this actually tasted like advertised. That being said, I still prefer their regular pepperoni pizza. But at $6, I think this is worth a try.

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4 comments on “Little Caesars Soft Pretzel Crust Pizza”

  1. Saw this promo just last week; thanks for trying it.  Growing up in Detroit (home of Little Caesar’s and Dominoes), I’m pretty accustomed to (and crave) the flavor points of the fast pizzas. This sounds all wild and crazy and will be tried during a televised football game this weekend.

    • We actually really like the $5 pepperoni pizza they have and usually get it for game day. I like the idea of this one and thought it was fairly well done for only $1 more.

  2. Hmmm. I don’t know about cheddar cheese on my pizza. I had cheddar cheese put on once and I didn’t like it at all. But maybe with the pretzel crust it wouldn’t be so bad. The pizza looks weird and the edges hardly look like pretzel but I’m glad to hear at least it still tastes like pretzel. 

    • Yeah i didn’t really like the cheddar cheese in my pizza actually. i think it went well with the pretzel crust but i didn’t really like it as a pizza cheese. it was definitely interesting to try though!

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