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Little Hot Pot

Conveyor Belt Hot Pot! Little Hot Pot is a Chinese hot pot restaurant in Fremont that serves ingredients via a rotating conveyor belt for their all-you-can-eat buffet.
photo of hot pot at Little Hot Pot

I’ve had conveyor belt sushi but never conveyor belt hot pot until now. My family visited the restaurant first and I asked to try it the next time I came home. I was in the Bay Area for a weekend in May and it was record breaking heat, with temperatures hovering in the low 90s. Not exactly ideal hot pot weather, but I was determined to check it out.
photo of the outside of Little Hot Pot
The restaurant offers both an all-you-can-eat buffet and ordering off the menu. Those ordering individual hot pots are seated at tables and those choosing the all-you-can-eat option sit in front of the conveyor belt where small plates of standard hot pot ingredients rotate out.

My family chose to do the buffet.

Each person has their own individual pot and you start by choosing one of the seven soup bases offered. The meats are the only ingredient not on the conveyor belt and you order that through the server. You can have as much meat as you can eat, but you can order one plate at a time.
photo of the different ingredients for hot pots

They also have a sauce bar with a large selection of ingredients to make your own dipping sauce.
photo of a dipping sauce

Healthy Herb Soup Base
overhead photo of Healthy Herb Soup Base

Creamy Milk
overhead photo of Creamy Milk base

Taiwanese Spicy
overhead photo of Taiwanese Spicy hot pot

Here are some of the ingredients we chose from the conveyor belt.
overhead photo of ingredients for hot pot
photo of different meats for the hot pot
photo of different vegetables for the hot pot
The selection is pretty decent, offering most of the popular items people like to cook in their hot pot.

I did find the soup bases to be a little disappointing. I tasted all three above and found the healthy herb and creamy milk to be quite bland. My favorite was the Taiwanese spicy but only because of all the spices.

Ordering the meat was sometimes a little slow but in the end we did get all our orders. The meats served were low quality and very lean. The lamb was my favorite of the bunch.
close-up photo of sliced meat
photo of meat

Overall, it was a fun experience, but the hot pot itself was just okay. I’m not sure I’d go back but it was nice to try once and I’m grateful that my family took me here.

Menu:photo of the menu at little hot potphoto of the buffet menu at little hot pot

Little Hot Pot
43829 Boscell Rd
Fremont, CA 94538

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