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Lucky Donuts & Deli

photo of the outside of Lucky Donuts & Deli

This weekend we tried Lucky Donuts & Deli for the first time. They have two locations, both along the same street. We had noticed the sign for the original spot on several occasions and when I saw that they had also opened a second one, I figured they must be pretty good and went to go check it out.
photo of the sandwiches and salad menuphoto of the donuts and breakfast menu
The deli offers salads and sandwiches, but I was there for the donuts. I was a little surprised that they were already out of a few of my favorites. We ended up choosing to get a half dozen box. The person helping us out was really nice and even gave us an extra chocolate glazed donut for free.
photo of the donuts displayphoto of another donuts display

Here’s our donut haul.
overhead photo of Apple fritter, glazed old fashioned, blueberry cake, glazed raised donuts and chocolate glazed.

Apple fritter, glazed old fashioned, blueberry cake, glazed raised donuts and chocolate glazed.
close-up photo of an apple fritterclose-up photo of a glazed old fashionedphoto of blueberry cake donutphoto of a stack of three glazed donuts
All the donuts we had were pretty good and we had no complaints. They tasted how they should and we would gladly eat donuts from here again. My favorite go-to spot for regular donuts is still Donut Touch, but this place had solid offerings with reasonable prices.

Lucky Donuts & Deli
2 locations
9349 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92126
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2 comments on “Lucky Donuts & Deli”

  1. Nice!  I usually go to Donut Touch too.  I’m curious if these donuts taste the same as Donut Touch or if there are differences?

    • for the most part they taste the same, though I think the glazed raised donuts are fluffier and bigger at Donut Touch