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Marine Room High Tide Brunch

During a few short months every year, The Marine Room offers its High Tide brunch.

The Marine Room has always had the best dining view in San Diego in my opinion. Its floor to ceiling windows and proximity to the water provides its diners with a breathtaking view of the ocean from anywhere in the restaurant. It’s even lit up at night so that you can still enjoy the view after the sun sets.

During High Tides, this view is even better, as the water actually crashes up against the windows. On this visit, the waves weren’t as high as our first visit. I remember our first visit, the water level was already quite above the bottom of the windows and continued to rise as we dined. While it wasn’t as high this time around, the view is still pretty amazing. While you can enjoy the view from anywhere in the restaurant, definitely request a table next to the window to truly have the best experience.

The brunch is a buffet spread. Our last visit a few years ago, mimosas were complimentary, but that perk is no longer included. Juice and coffee were included though.

The buffet items are spread throughout the restaurant.

One of the things I liked was the different plates you could choose from to use. They had round plates, wavy plates, rectangle plates, etc.

Eggs Benedict, chicken sausage, mushroom frittata, Charcuterie, Saffron Tabouleh, Almond Raisin Cinnamon French Toast

Eggs Benedict, Blueberry Cheese Blintz, Yukon Potato Casserole, smoked salmon, apple smoked bacon, charcuterie

Omelet station

There was an omelet station. I filled mine with bell peppers, shrimp, sausage, mushrooms and cheese.

There was an assortment of pastries and FH decided he wanted to try almost all of them.

Chocolate chip muffin, croissant, pastry, French toast.

I was a little disappointed with the pastry spread as they tasted like they had been outsourced.

The desserts consisted of an assortment of little cakes, sugar cookies topped with candied ginger, strawberries, cranberry loaf cake. I liked the mango cake the best.

Overall, we loved the view but we do enjoy the dinner menu better in terms of food. It’s still fun to visit though and experience since the views are really special during the high tide season.

The Marine Room
2000 Spindrift Drive
La Jolla, California 92037
(866) 644.2351

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11 comments on “Marine Room High Tide Brunch”

  1. Yeah, that’s exactly how I remembered the food at Marine Room. I always felt this place was over-rated. The Mister has been boycotting this place for over a decade since the last family celebration dinner here. Horrible service with a rude waiter with an even ruder manager, and the food was mediocre at best.

    • Boo. Yeah I haven’t eaten here in years. I really love the view but found the food just okay. I hadn’t blogged about it before so I thought I’d give it another shot.

  2. Maybe because they cater toward the elderly who’ve lost their sense of taste. the times I went for dinner weren’t very memorable either. Mediocre and uninspiring, menu doesn’t change very much either.

  3. That’s strange – I just checked your link to their menu and it said $32/pp? I remember it being way more than that many years ago? Maybe it’s b/c they no longer have the mimosas?

    • Hmm, when I went about 3 years ago, I think we paid $30 or 35 per person and that included mimosas. So I dont think the price has changed.

  4. I couldn’t agree more w/ you about the quality of the food. I went many years ago – treated two friends to their Sunday buffet. The food was just completely unmemorable and ‘meh’. Yes, the view was nice but it doesn’t justify the outrageous brunch price the charge (in my opinion). And I remember the pastries and desserts ALL tasting like they had been pre-purchased from an outside vendor.

    How much is the brunch now? Is there parking ? Gosh – it’s been forever since I’ve been there!

    • Brunch was $32 per person. Valet parking is $5, but I always just find parking up the road. Yes, the prices are too high I think for just okay food. And I couldn’t believe the quality of the pastries.

  5. the little cakes look quite pretty. too bad about those dry pasries though. i didn’t realize they had a brunch here. it’s been years since bert and i have gone here. i remember going here for the 1st time for our prom!

    you’re right about eating there at high tide – a very cool experience!

  6. That’s a mighty tasty looking breakfast! Too bad it underwhelmed you 🙁 I hate when foods look good but are just “meh”…