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Matcha Love

Matcha Love is a new cafe inside Mitsuwa Marketplace, offering soft serve ice cream and drinks.

They specialize in matcha green tea, but also offer black sesame and hoji-cha (a roasted Japanese green tea).

I love matcha anything and while I’ve had matcha ice cream before, I’ve never had matcha, black sesame or hoji-cha soft serve.

Matcha and Black Sesame (Small, $3.00)

We were allowed to split flavors, which is a definite plus, so I was able to try both matcha and black sesame. The ice creams were very creamy and rich. I enjoyed the matcha more because of my matcha obsession. Mr. K preferred the black sesame.

Matcha shake ($2.80)

We also ordered a matcha shake. When we ordered it, they explained that it would be more like a milk tea drink and not an ice cream shake, which we were fine with. The drink was sweet with a deep matcha flavor. I enjoyed it but I loved the ice cream more. I might try the black sesame or hoji-cha next time.

Overall, we had a good experience here. The staff was very nice and we really enjoyed the soft serve ice cream. I love discovering hard-to-find flavors, and this is the first place in San Diego I know of that offers matcha, hoji-cha, and black sesame soft serve, so it’s definitely a welcome addition.

Matcha Love
(inside Mitsuwa Marketplace)
4240 Kearny Mesa Rd.
San Diego, CA 92111

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12 comments on “Matcha Love”

  1. We just had Matcha Love today and I really enjoyed the hoji-cha! It was definitely more subtle than the matcha and black sesame, but oh so good.

  2. Ooo, new stuff! I love the color of the matcha soft serve – so bright! I’m not sure if I’d be into it since I don’t like green tea beyond green tea, but I’d be willing to try it. The black sesame looks really good, too. I think I’d want to try that!

  3. i want to try that black sesame soft serve! that sux for jinxi that she wasn’t able to split the flavors. 🙁

  4. I have that same Matcha obsession you do. I heard about this place and want to try it out. I think $3 seems like a fair price (I think gelato costs way more right?). I went to Bottega Gelato the other day and it was like $4.75 for a medium.

    • I thought it was a fair price too! I was worried it would be very expensive since Japanese places tend to be more expensive, but I will definitely be back here

  5. When I went, they totally did not let me split flavors in the ice cream :'( Maybe they changed the policy since then (I went on their second day open). The black sesame is so good! I love how smooth the ice creams are.

    • I love the consistency of the soft serve too! that’s too bad that they didn’t let you split flavors. I hope they continue to allow it!

  6. Thanks Kirbie! I love your blog – I was looking at the locations for Matcha Love and it looks like we actually got one before LA 🙂 I plan to go try it soon.