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Mitchell’s Ice Cream

On our recent trip to San Francisco, DH and I discovered another ice cream shop gem: Mitchell’s Ice Cream. A family owned business, around since 1953, Mitchell’s makes super premium ice cream with 16% butterfat. One of the reasons I wanted to try it was because of the unique flavor offerings.

Once we were inside, it was hard to choose. There were so many flavors. They also sell half gallons that you can purchase. If I were able to transport it back to San Diego, I would have bought quite a few.

There were quite a few Filipino-centric flavors. After sampling quite a few, we finally made our decision.

Ube and buko coconut

They had two coconut flavors: buko (baby coconut) and macapuno (sweet coconut). We had sampled both, but preferred the subtler buko which had small chunks of coconut inside too. Our absolute favorite was the ube though. It was so rich and creamy, with just enough ube flavor. I really wish I could have brought this one home.

Halo Halo and Horchata

The horchata had a sweet caramel swirl. I chose the Halo Halo because I love all the colors of the different kinds of beans used in Halo Halo and was surprised to see them all incorporated into the ice cream.

We really loved this place, with their rich and creamy ice cream. It was some of the creamiest ice cream I’ve ever had. No ice chunks anywhere to be found.

This is definitely on my must visits next time I go back to San Francisco. If only they had one closer to San Diego.

Mitchell’s Ice Cream
688 San Jose Ave
San Francisco, CA 94110

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9 comments on “Mitchell’s Ice Cream”

  1. Looks like a great shop! How do you like it compared to Humphry Slocombe?

    • The ice cream is much creamier than Humphrey’s. I still like Humphrey for their very exotic/unique flavor ideas, but for the ice cream itself, I prefer Mitchell’s.

  2. Oo that looks so good. S and I were just in the Bay Area last weekend but we didn’t even go to SF because we were so busy in Berkeley/South Bay. Next time I need to go to SF and EAT!!!

    • There’s so many good eats in SF! I hate driving there but I love eating there. There’s a lot of good stuff in Berkeley too though so I can see you guys being busy there.

  3. Great post! This was a place we wanted to go to during our last SF visit but didn’t get around to it. 🙁 if we do go again, we are def. going here! i like that they have the Filipino-centric flavors – I was excited to see the ube and the langka, two of my fave flavors!

    in berkeley and oakland, i recommend ici ice cream, I Scream, and Scream Sorbet. We didn’t really like Tara’s (too creamy and too many wierd herbal flavors for me).

    • Hi CC! I was totally thinking of you when I was here and wondering if you had been because I didn’t recall seeing a Mitchell’s post from your trip. Definitely visit if you get a chance. I was so excited by the flavors and the ube was really really good. There’s so many great ice cream places up in the Bay. Thanks for your recs.

  4. i forgot to mention pollyann’s ice cream in the sunset district in s.f. they also have tropical/asian flavors. you can also spin a gigantic wheel and whatever flavors it lands on is the flavor you get! :O

  5. Have you tried Bi-Rite Creamery yet? That place is seriously the bomb – you can get ice cream, then go finish it up at the beautiful Dolores Park nearby.

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