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Mitsuwa Marketplace- Mochi store

Mitsuwa Marketplace
675 Saratoga Avenue

San Jose
, CA 95129
(408) 255-6699

When I was at my parents, my friend told me that the Mitsuwa in San Jose now has a mochi store inside.  A mochi store?? Of course I had to check it out.  Right inside Mitsuwa is a section selling elegant mochi, manju and some other Japanese desserts.  They were so pretty, but oh so expensive!

After visiting Hogetsu, with their pretty manju and mochi priced at only $1, it was really hard to justify spending $4+ for a piece of mochi.  (There were some that were around $2, but all the ones I wanted to try were more.) Another interesting thing I noticed was how much they charge for the box!  Buying the mochi individually is cheaper than buying a box of the same mochi. 

They did allow my brother to snap pictures of everything though.  I was there for quite a while wondering if I should buy some.  In the end, I didn't end up buying any though.

These ones were probably the cheapest:

These ones were some of the most expensive. It looked pretty cool.  The outside is a dried persimmon and the inside is stuffed with white bean paste.

There were quite a few that had multiple layers, which I really liked.  I don't think my brother got photos of those.  Here are some more pictures he took:

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4 comments on “Mitsuwa Marketplace- Mochi store”

  1. The first two pics your brother snapped are my fave i think. I love that red bean one and whatever that green one was (is that a green tea cake?). But yeah, wow, $4+/piece is ridic. Does our Mitsuwa here in SD have same mochi dept? Nice post!

  2. I think the photos for those two came out the best. There were some other really pretty ones but it was hard to snap a good photo. The green one is a green bean past cake. It was so pretty, but just pure green bean paste seemed too sweet, so I didn’t get it.
    Sadly, our Mitsuwa does not have one. It does have a small little stand inside selling some imported japanese mochi and other treats, but it;s not a bit department/section like at the Mitsuwa in San Jose.

  3. If you’re back up in the San Jose area, Mitsuwa not only got a remodel, but they just opened a new section to the mochi store called Mochicream! Each mochi is about $2, is made in Japan, and frozen. The inside is creamy and the outside is super soft mochi! Definitely try the Raspberry Mille-Feuille if you try one: there’s cream, raspberry jam, and tiny rice crispy things all wrapped in a layer of mochi! Nom!

    • Thanks for the info! I wish I knew when I was back in the Bay Area for the holidays. On my next trip, I’ll definitely try to visit.

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