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Nado Gelato Cafe

Nado Gelato was recommended to me a while back, but I don’t make my way to Coronado often. This weekend we were in Coronado, so I  made sure to go check it out.

The cafe serves coffee and Bottega Italiana gelato. There were about a dozen flavors of gelato offered, including several I haven’t seen before. What I was most intrigued by were the gelato flavors with alcohol. I love boozy desserts.

After sampling a few, I chose two flavors: Disaronno and Panna Cotta. A small is $3.50 which I think is pretty reasonable.

Both gelato flavors were rich in flavor, creamy, and not the least bit icy. This was my first taste of Bottega Italiana gelato and I was impressed with the quality of gelato. I would have loved to have tried some of the fruit flavors too but FH was too full to get his own.

I really enjoyed the gelato here and will definitely stop by again the next time I’m in the area. I mentioned above that it’s been a while since I visited Coronado. While it took forever to get in with the traffic, I’m so glad I went. It’s such a gorgeous area of San Diego. Here’s the view from the car window:

Nado Gelato Cafe
1017 C Ave
Coronado, CA 92118

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4 comments on “Nado Gelato Cafe”

  1. Wow, I heard from my friend(from out of town) that there’s a great gelato place in Coronado. I wonder if this is the one he was talking about. Do they have Pistachio flavor? I’m a die hard fan for Pistachio gelato!!

    • Yup I saw a pistachio flavor. I think it is this one. It’s definitely the most popular/well known one in Coronado.

  2. omg, were you driving?

    i didn’t know about this place…something to look forward to this summer!

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