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NiNi Bakery

NiNi Bakery
19261 Colima Rd
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

(626) 581-3136

With its high chinese population, Rowland Heights has chinese bakeries aplenty. I like most of the bakery chains in the area, but one little bakery caught my attention because they make crab and pig shaped breads, something the standard chinese bakery does not offer.

On a recent trip to RH, I specifically visited NiNi bakery to try their crab shaped breads. The bakery is quite small, and offers a variety of breads and cakes. The bread variety offered is kind of on the small side. Most of the breads are standard plain buns, which is the same type of bread used to make the crab and pig shaped breads, but with variations on that bread.

These breads have a firmer texture than traditional chinese breads, which are known for their softness. The crust is firm and brown, which I'm guessing makes it easier to make the animal shapes. I really liked how the crab shaped ones looked. I thought they were so cute, and they even had skinny little bread legs.

The taste was just okay. It tasted like chinese bread, though the firmer types of chinese breads, and I prefer the softer ones. Nothing else about the selection of NiNi's really stood out for me, so I didn't buy anything else.

Most likely, I will visit other bakeries for my chinese bread cravings, but I might stop by here again for the cuteness factor.

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6 comments on “NiNi Bakery”

  1. I just love the big B sign in front, YUK!

    • Well it is LA. The ratings are really strict in LA and it’s pretty common to see a B. I think it just depends on the area you are in. When I’m in San Diego, everything I see is an A, even places that I don’t think deserves it.

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  3. It’s kind of hidden and it’s not near all the other Colima Rd stuff. I think I had to get back on the freeway to go to the other places I like in the area.

  4. Interesting. I never spotted this place when driving on colima. *squints*

  5. It is good to know about NiNi Bakery.Its animal shaped breads are like an attraction for me also.I have never seen such shaped breads before.It inspires me to make like it.It is also like a fun to eat it.

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