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Funny Food Fotos: No Need to Inhale

Post by Boyfriend-

Is there something lost in translation for this product? The name and images are very suggestive that this isn't for consumption, but its definitely hard to tell if you can only read English. It's definitely in the right price to try out, but it looks more like a cheese stick than a fish stick of sorts.

I can't tell if the lady just inhaled the fish bong and is making sure she gets the full effect or if you're supposed to be underwater to get the full treatment. This box must have some directions that also state, water not included. 

There are also directions for each digit, I'm really curious as to what these directions are or if they are just numbered by fingers for each step of how to use the product. Maybe this magical $2 product helps you breathe underwater like a fish, but I doubt it from the look on the lady's face.

What do you think is going on with this product?

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2 comments on “Funny Food Fotos: No Need to Inhale”

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  2. It’s like a chicken nugget but fish except it’s not fried.. just processed. Maybe a better example is like fishcake but in hotdog form. You’re just supposed to peel off the wrapper and eat it as is. It’s popular in Korea. The “Bong” isn’t supposed to mean an actual bong. I think there is no English word for it so they just left it as is – “Bong”. Not a lot of Americans like the taste lol I would steer clear from this stuff.

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