Non-Alcoholic Mimosas

overhead photo of glasses of Non-Alcoholic Mimosas

Recently, I had some girlfriends over after yoga class and we quenched our thirst with this super tasty and colorful assortment of non-alcoholic mimosas. For the base of my cocktails, I used Sparkling ICE® Waters and then mixed them with fruit purees.


photo of glasses of Non-Alcoholic Mimosas lined up

Sparkling ICE Waters are zero calories and come in an assortment of naturally flavored fruit options.

photo of bottles of Sparkling ICE

I was so excited to see so many flavors at the supermarket that I basically got all of them. I then proceeded to try each one and I just loved the fizz and the fruit flavor. I was having so much fun drinking these and I couldn’t believe they were zero calories and that I didn’t need to feel guilty about drinking them. They were as satisfying as drinking a soda. close-up photo of Sparkling ICE being poured in a champagne glassclose-up photo of two champagne glasses

Look at those bubbles! It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I especially enjoyed Pink Grapefruit and Strawberry Lemonade.

Since I live pretty close to the studio, my workout buddies will sometimes come over after just to chill. It’s sometimes stressful figuring out what to serve them because they eat and drink very healthy. Juicing, vegetarian, gluten free, organic, etc. These drinks were the perfect solution. I served some of them as is, but also added fruit puree to others, making them taste just like mimosas, but without the alcohol. I managed to snap a few quick photos of the drinks before people got impatient. I’m definitely making these again!



  • 4 oz Sparkling Ice Water (you can choose whichever flavor is your favorite)
  • 2 oz frozen fruit (I tried to match the fruit with the flavor, so for orange mango, I use mango puree)


Blend sparkling water with fruit puree in blender. Pour into champagne flute and serve.

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photo of different flavored non-alcholic mimosas on a wooden board

If you haven’t yet tried these waters and are curious visit to find where to purchase.  You can also enter the Sparkling ICE Flavor Face Off fan contest for a chance to win a year’s supply and your face on a bottle, along with daily and weekly prizes (No Purchase Necessary).



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