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Nutella Brownie Bowls for Ice Cream

photo of a nutella brownie bowl filled with ice cream

I can’t take credit for this idea. But I love it. Instead of placing ice cream into some boring bowls, you can serve them in these delicious Nutella brownie bowls.
close-up photo of a stack of three brownie bowls
Easy and delicious. I was originally going to make some Nutella ice cream to go with it but messed up when making my Nutella ice cream. I forgot to blend the Nutella with the heavy cream first, so when the Nutella hit my ice cream maker, it just froze and didn’t blend in with the heavy cream. Oops.

photo of a stack of Nutella brownie bowls
So instead, I used the last of my pumpkin ice cream. I didn’t realize it, but after pouring the chocolate syrup on top it looks a bit like samoas.
photo of two brownie bowls filled with ice cream on a plate
This is perfect for when having guests over. You can view the recipe for the brownie bowls on Bake Me Something Good.close-up photo of a ice cream in a nutella brownie bowl

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4 comments on “Nutella Brownie Bowls for Ice Cream”

  1. Great idea about the brownie bowls! Now I won’t have problem running out of cones. But I’ll sure have a problem running out of brownies especially I’ll be making this on our family day.

  2. Looks heaven! I have to try this!

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