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October Things

overhead photo of a coffee drinkI hope everyone is having a great weekend! As we approach the end of October, I’m taking a moment to sharing some food and non-food happenings my life.

Scenes from my garden

At the end of September, we harvested the last of the fruits from my garden.

This year, we had a good amount of wax apples but many of them peaked too early. The ones that made it to September were definitely the biggest and the sweetest. They remind me so much of the ones I eat when I’m in Taiwan.
overhead photo of wax apples
This year was the best year yet for my fig tree which is now about five years old. The previous years, we’ve had a few dozen figs but this year the tree produced nearly 200 figs and most of them were gigantic. To give you some perspective, I wasn’t able to fit more than 1 1/2 in the palm of my hand. It’s the first year I haven’t had to buy any figs from the markets.
photo of figs
I added them to my yogurt every morning for breakfast. I’m sad that I won’t have anymore now until next year.


We visited Austin for the first time. It was a short weekend trip and our main goal was to eat BBQ and we did a lot of that! I shared one post here and I will share more soon.
photo of the state capital building in Austin, TX

Non-Food Finds


  • I recently purchased this pile-lined hoodie*from Uniqlo. I love how soft it feels on the inside!
  • My Beauty Diary face masks*-This is my favorite brand of face masks. A friend gifted some to me last year and I’ve been using them ever since. I started with the variety pack and then bought more boxes of the ones I liked the best.

*These are affiliate links.

Favorite Bites from October

Garlic green beans and edamame mash from Nom Nom Bento
Photo of Garlic green beans and edamame mash I’m considering making these as side dishes for Thanksgiving this year. We’ve been to Nom Nom Bento three times in one month because we can’t get enough of the beans and edamame mash.

Rainbow Latte from S3 Coffee Bar
photo of Rainbow Latte from S3 Coffee Bar How pretty is this latte? I stared at it for the longest time because I couldn’t bring myself to ruin the art. I’m really impressed by the creative drinks at S3 Coffee Bar. Not only is this drink pretty, it also tastes delicious. Most rainbow lattes are birthday cake flavored which is too sweet for me but this one is hazelnut flavored!

Favorite New Recipes

Cauliflower Crab Cakesphoto of a stack of cauliflower crab cakesI’ve made this recipe three times and there are never any leftovers. My husband loves them as much as I do.

Sheet Pan Pancakesoverhead photo of sheet pan pancakesI love pancakes and making them in the sheet pan is so easy. I’ve made this recipe multiple times already too. The recipe has also recently been updated with a video.

That’s it for now. I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend full of delicious food!

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6 comments on “October Things”

  1. This is the best recipe site I have used. Such a variety. I love the 30 minute meals to the super easy 4 ingredient or less recipes which I use to teach my son’s homeschool cooking/ baking class or when I want something quick.

    Wonderful site, wonderful recipes.

    Thank you for sharing about you.

    All so good.?

  2. I’ve never seen or tasted those types of fruits before! They look almost like pears. Your fig tree was so abundant this year too! I was bummed when my parents decided to get rid of their fig tree. My dad got bored of it so he uprooted it and replaced it with another citrus tree.

    The rainbow latte is so pretty and yes, I’m gllad it’s not birthday cake flavored. I love how creative S3 are with the types of drinks that they offer, especially their seasonal drinks.

    • Wax apples are really hard to find here. I’ve only seen them sold in some Vietnamese specialty fruit shops in LA. They are very common in parts of Asia though and it’s my favorite fruit to eat when I’m in Taiwan. So sad about the fig! My parents actually planted a fig tree this year which is odd because they don’t eat figs. When I went to visit, they told me to pick them all and eat them. haha

  3. Wax apples!!! Where did you buy the tree?! I’ve only seen them here and there but my uncle said not to buy as the weather, here in SD, wouldn’t produce good wax apples.

    • They sell the trees at Ranch 99 and they come from a nursery in Orange County. We bought it directly from the nursery in Orange county and we also bought the fertilizer they use for their trees and took all their advice on how to care for it. We’ve had ours for a few years now and it’s been great. The fruit is very sweet.