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Okrumong is a premium South Korean-style shaved ice (patbingsu) place with two locations in LA.

During a recent LA eating trip, my friends took me to the Torrance location for dessert. The dessert shop offers a handful of shaved ice options, porridge and drinks.

Gold Snow Bowl with Red Bean

With a name of “gold snow” we just had to order it. Served in a copper bowl, this looked lovely. The finely shaved ice is dusted with misugaru, a roasted multi-grain powder, and finished with some slivered almonds. The slow cooked red beans are served on the side, with fresh rice cakes (like mochi).

The ice was indeed soft, and I found myself really enjoying the sweetened misugaru. It usually consists of 7-10 grains including ones like sesame, barley, black beans, brown rice, and more. The result is a very complex mix of familiar wholesome flavors. 

I also enjoyed the fresh rice cakes, which are exceptionally soft and chewy.

Black Sesame Bowl with Red Bean

This was another solid choice and I enjoyed it almost as much as the gold. Normally, I find black sesame to be such a robust, nutty, toasty flavor. While this bowl had all those elements, it did seem to taste a little one note compared to the complexity of the gold.

Overall, I enjoyed the shaved ice experience here. It’s definitely some of the best Korean style shaved ice I’ve had.

2814 Sepulveda Blvd
Unit C
Torrance, CA 90505

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4 comments on “Okrumong”

  1. Oh wow they changed it from the time I went here! I literally live across the street so I went to go try it when they first made the shop. The flavors are the same but the red beans came on top of the shaved ice and there was just too much on top and couldn’t balance it out well with the ice:( This is so much better (for me)! The shaved ice itself was great so I’ll have to go back now:)

  2. I haven’t seen shaved ice quite like that before! It looks so dramatic and the color on that gold one is awesome. I want to try it! 

    • I’ve had Korean shaved ice before, but not like this. I love the presentation, especially with the copper bowls and plates.

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